6 Top Tips To Avoid Blog Burnout


Being a blogger these days is not an easy task on hand.Many are required to handle multiple blogs concurrently. If you are a blogger, then you will agree that blogging is quite a time consuming process. Blogging might seem easy at first sight, but it really is a complex multi-stage process. It starts with getting together pieces of data followed by a thorough analysis and ends with a neat compilation of the required information. The bloggers are very zealous about their job and it may so happen in the process that they lose the trail of time. But one needs to be cautious with such an involvement because sooner or later, it will affect your physical and mental health.

If blogging is taking a toll on your body, and you already feel like a blog-burnout, then here are some interesting and effective ways to rejuvenate your mind and body

1. Bury the unwanted blogs

You may be emotionally attached to most of your blogs but one need to understand that if a blog is not getting a dose of traffic, then it simply means that the purpose the blog serves is no longer needed. So you might just want to end up working on such blogs.

2. Prioritize your work

Give the important tasks in your life a firsthand priority. Do not start new blogs if they are not really required. Channelize your energies towards the accomplishment of your objectives.

3. Focus on worth, not on figures

If you are frequent blogger, then you might consider reducing the amount of posts and rather focus on the quality of posts. A good read will almost always attract readers as compared to a post which is simply a streak of words.

4. Unleash your social life

Blogging can in no terms serves as an alternative to friends and family. If you have started taking your family for granted because you have been busy blogging all the time, then it is time to rethink. Scheduling your day to carve out time for your close ones can be an excellent move. After all, family comes first.

5. Give yourself a break

Do not feel guilty if you missed blogging about something significant because you had to cater to something else that was equally or more significant. The essence of blogging is that you should make your work matter. Simply blogging about any and everything that comes your way will not help the cause.

6. Escape from the web of wires

If you feel like going for a movie or a jog in the park, then go for it. Sitting in front of the PC all day will not help your brain’s creative juices to flow. But an exposure to fresh surroundings can really help to come up with those creative ideas.

On a conclusive note, blogging is not the only facet of your life. It is only an important part of your life just as many other things are. Whenever you find yourself in the blog-burnout condition, simply remember the fact that taking care of small things in other aspects of your life can make the big things take care of themselves.

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  1. Useful info ! Thanks Bethany Winston..

  2. Bethany,

    Taking a long vacation to get away from blogging is a great way of beating stress and the infamous bloggers' block. Sometimes I purposely stop blogging for weeks! Might sound insane to some bloggers but the long departure bears significant results. You'll have a lot more ideas to work on by doing so. :)

  3. This tricks is so good. Thanks for sharing us.

  4. I just wanted to say thanks for your time for these wonderful tips for blogging.

  5. Thanks for the sharing really informative post.

  6. Mm. I hear this. I look forward to taking a three-week vacation in a couple of weeks to try and reset and refocus myself. I'm feeling that it's getting harder to create stellar content, and that may just be a sign to step back for a while and let things come to me organically. Thanks for the list.


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