How To Automatically Bookmark Your Blog Posts On Delicious Via Twitter


3d Delicious IconIn this Blog Tip i will show you how you can have your posts automatically Bookmarked on Social Bookmarking website Delicious.Delicious is a very popular social bookmarking site used to store bookmarks of your favorite pages online.Delicious was bought by Yahoo in 2005 and in what seems to have been a very low key transaction Yahoo actually sold Delicious in April this year (2011) to AVOS Systems, a company owned by Chad Hurley and Steve Chen the founders of YouTube.Delicious is often used as a gage of a blogs popularity including on advertising site BuySellAds were the number of bookmarks for each site is listed.OK so enough of the history lesson lets see how to automatically bookmark your blog posts on Delicious.

Auto Bookmark Blog Posts On Delicious

We don't actually auto bookmark directly to Delicious we in fact do this via Twitter, so it's our Tweets that are bookmarked.By using Feedburners Socialize option or Twitterfeed auto tweet we can auto tweet our blog posts then they will be in turn auto bookmarked on Delicious.Do note they only Bookmark tweets with links so your conversation with your Mom wont be bookmarked.

I have this set up and you can see how all my Tweets have been bookmarked - Spice Up Your Blog On Delicious.

To set it up simply follow the link to there you can sign in with your Twitter account, Grant the permissions needed and let them look after the rest.

Packrati will check your Twitter feed every few hours and grab the updates to post on Delicious.So usually a few hours after you Tweet a blog post it will be on Delicious.Easy as that, Cool Bookmarking Blog Tip ehh ? Check out more of our Blog Tips about Social Media And Blog Promotion.

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  1. I like this tip[, great one , first to find in the internet great site unique information pls. keep it up thanks mate

  2. Thanks for! I just connected everything up! Love your blog! Have a great day! - Antje Cobbett Remote Writer

  3. Thank's for your info, Paul ??!?!? Great info !!

  4. As a new blogger I am really having difficulty with publicizing my blog. This makes it easier :) Thanks for the info. Your posts are always so amazing, I wish mine were too :p.

  5. It is really a helpful post thanks for this post.

  6. very usefull post paul,thanks for sharing, keep it up..

  7. Nice post. I connected my feed burner with twitter then connected twitter with delicious. Now I can just relax and keep on blogging with out worrying about twitter and delicious :D

  8. I have joined with and it work better than the others.....

  9. Thanks to sharing your amazing article.this is a very helpful for me.

  10. was looking for this solution desperately, thanks buddy, it was really a great help

  11. Well, now I see why you call it "Spice Up Your Blog," as you're definitely good at helping others to get their blogs very SPICY. LOL Thanks for the info!


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