Google Now Use Twitter Facebook And Site Speed To Help Rank Your Blog

Google Favicon CubeGoogle originally made its name by using a Page rank system based on links throughout the web to return relevant search results to users.Although there were many search engines available before Google the page rank system simply returned better results to users.Page Rank (Googles Internal Page Rank Not So Much Toolbar Page Rank, a long story) is still the major factor in how search results are delivered and things like Back links and anchor text are still the major players and always will be.However over the years Google have added lots of other factors in how they return their search results, they claim there is over 200 components used to deliver the results we see.A couple of noticeable more recent additions to this are Social Media and Site Speed.

Social Media

Google now use sites like Facebook and Twitter in the ranking.

Danny Sullivan Article Mentioned in the video – Search Engine Land

Site Speed

The load time of your blog also has an effect in the search results, at the moment it is only a very small effect.

But page speed is important in many other ways also, people stay on faster loading sites longer and view more pages.People are more likely to return to fast blogs and the whole experience is better.Over the last 6 months i have made Spice Up Your Blog twice as fast as it was and have seen the benefits.

You can analyze the speed of your blog using the Google Page Speed Tool.

Keep up to date by Subscribing to Google Webmaster Tools On YouTube, Matt Cutts adds videos frequently and you will also get the chance to ask send your own questions, make sure to Check out more of our Blogger SEO posts.

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  1. Oluvil Campus BlogApril 21, 2011 at 2:35 PM

    Now a days social media plays major role in traffic to your site, facebook got 500 million usesrs and google now use social media rank your site.


  2. Very Informational,
    I Will Monitor The Speed Of My Blog,
    And Also Take Note Of These Changes,
    Thanks For Sharing Paul!


  3. Its Also Nice To Have Optional Comments Sections, Your A Genius!
    Nice Work!


  4. Matt Cutts is great you should also check out his blog


  5. First stop, I would like to thank the authors of this site for sharing their knowledge on blogger tweaking. I am a newbie blogger and just tweaked my blog using your tutorial posts, like share the Love v2 and Picture Hover text. Thanks a lot for that!

    Second stop, what are the ways to speed up the load time of a blog? Does big pictures(huge file size) affect the loading?

    Thank you,

    ~Online Ninja


  6. Online Marketing TipsMay 9, 2011 at 11:16 AM

    Hey Paul,

    That’s really true. Google is considering lots of parameters to know the quality of the page. Above that you’ve mentioned are the latest parameters including the unique & quality content.

    So everyone, your social media campaign is not only drive traffic, better ranking as well.



  7. Thanks for sharing. I am wondering still, if you could explain how social media affects page rank, how/why. Is your popularity / prominence on a social network what contributes, or activity, or is it integrating social media throughout one’s site that matters? Sorry, just curious! Thanks.


  8. @ Lauren – It is a little confusing but social will become more of a factor as time goes on.If Google Plus becomes a success they will have so much more social information to use in search.Check out this article on SEW for some ways to optimize social for search –


  9. Thanks so much for all your help. I am such a newb when it pertains to this stuff. I was fortuneate and received my PR5 while my blog was very new, and I had done virtually nothing in an attempt to earn it. Now as time has progressed, (and I have not been blogging as I once had) all of this SEO stuff is very important to me!


  10. Free Poker BankrollFebruary 12, 2013 at 9:21 AM

    As far as i know Google always checked site speed it’s not a new thing. Anyway, good post!