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When you add a new post to your blog you want to update your friends and followers on Social Networks and Social Bookmark sites.The more sites you share your latest post on the more visitors you get to your blog but updating lots of sites often takes longer than writing the post in the first place.

That's were ping service Ping.Fm comes in.Ping.Fm can automatically update 35 social network and bookmarking websites with one click.So when you publish your latest post you can auto update Facebook, Facebook Pages, Twitter, Google Buzz, Myspace, LinkedIn, Posterous, Delicious and more..

Auto Share And Manual Share

You can auto share on as many of the services as you like and even set up groups to Ping selected sites with different links.I would suggest connecting the services you are already a member of like Twitter and Facebook and joining the others and connecting them.This way your Blog is 'Pinged !' to over 30 sites every time you publish.

You can add one Blog Feed to auto share in the tools section and share to all services with one click from your dashboard.Also Ping.Fm have an extension for Firefox to allow you to ping with one click, personally i added the button to the Google Toolbar and find it the quickest.


See How Ping.Fm has updated my Facebook page below :

Here is the link to go to Ping.Fm and take the work out of sharing your posts.Currently Delicious are changing their connection service so you may not be able to connect but all others are ready to roll.

Let us know your opinion of Ping.Fm and don't forget to come back and Ping Us !

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  1. nice share there, i'll try it

  2. Thanks for sharing this awesome service

  3. Thank you. I'll go take a look at Ping.Fm. It can be quite time comsuming trying to share with all my social networks one by one. Great website!

  4. thanks a lot. will use this for sharing my blog posts. By the way, its very time consuming to set up my social networks one by one.

  5. I think this was a good suggestion. We can auto share on as many services as we like and even set up groups.

  6. Glad to have stumbled upon this post. I'm gonna try it.

  7. Thumbs up guys your doing a really good job.

  8. Thank you , good and useful post...

  9. @author : Hey,its a useful post,thank you . But, redirects to some other site... is there any alternative to ?

  10. Nice tools for sharing our feeds in a sec.Thanks

  11. Hi,

    I saw that was acquired by hootsuite.. do you know an other service that let us ping our content on 30+ social websites very quickly?

    Thanks ;)


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