How To Add A Contact Us Page To Your Blog

In this post i will show you how to create a ‘Contact Us’ Page for your blog.I have a ‘contact me’ link at the top of this blog and it leads to a page within this site were you can fill out a contact form.

These pages are a are way to let people contact you without providing you Email address on your blog.I think all bloggers should have a way for readers of their blog to contact them and it also looks more professional and trustworthy.

Click Here To See My Contact Page In A New Window / Tab

I will also show you how to have your contact page back dated so it wont show up on your blogs homepage or recent posts.

UPDATE : Blogger now allows you to add your contact page as a ‘Static Page’ Click Here for more details.

First Here’s how to create your contact page:

1. Go to .Sign up for your Free account and follow the simple steps to create your ‘Contact Us’ Form.
(Once someone fills the form to contact you, you receive an email and can reply)

Create Contact Form For Blof

2. Once you have completed the steps to create your form you will be on this page:

The link underlined in blue would lead to a pop up window with your contact form.

3. We are interested in the html code for your contact us form so click the link underlined in red to get the html code, you will get this page:

4. Copy the html code for the form.

UPDATE : You do not need to add your contact form as a post you can now add your contact page as a ‘Static Page’ Click Here for more details.

If you would still like to add the contact form as a post continue :

5. Now create a new post for your blog with the title ‘Contact us’ or ‘Contact Me’ and paste the code for your contact form into the posting area.

You can add some text etc… above the form as i did in my page.
Or other ways to contact you like fax or phone could be added to this page.
(Obviously be careful when providing information like this)

We Are Nearly Finished :
If you need more help or have an opinion or suggestion Please leave a comment Below.This is a Do-Follow Blog so leaving a comment will also help Your blogs Google rank.

Don’t want the contact page on your home page / recent posts?

5. Below the post area click the ‘post options’ button:

blogger post options

6. Bottom right you see ‘post date and time’ set the date back a few months .
(I suggest setting the date back to around the time you started the blog)

Click publish post and your ‘Contact Us’ Page is ready.

Making a link to your Contact page

If you have a menu you could add it there.

If not you can add a link or button to your sidebar for people to click to contact you.

Click ‘Layout’ > ‘Add a gadget’ for your blog >Choose ‘Html/Javeascript’

Now copy the code of the link or button below and pasted it into the area provided.

Option 1 a text link :

Preview :

Contact Us


<a href=”CONTACT-US-PAGE-URL-HERE”>Contact Us</a>

Note: Change CONTACT-US-PAGE-URL-HERE to your contact me page URL.

Option 2 a button link:



<INPUT TYPE=”submit” VALUE=”Contact Us”>

Note: Change CONTACT-US-PAGE-URL-HERE to your contact us page URL.

That’s it have you added a contact page to your blog?


  1. Influence Yourself To Mastery December 28, 2009 at 7:52 AM

    Hey Paul:

    Thanks for letting everyone know where you can get a professional looking Contact Form for free.

    One thing you left out (unless I missed it) is how to create a “Contact Me” link in your template so your visitors can go to your Contact Form from any post they read.

    I would think you just add an HTML/Java Script Widget to you blog and add the following code: CONTACT ME

    Thanks again for helping everyone!


  2. Influence Yourself To MasteryDecember 28, 2009 at 7:58 AM

    Woops! Sorry about that “Contact Me” link above, I did not know the HTML code was going to be effective. Here’s the code again but there should be NO SPACES after and before the “< >” symbols:
    < a href=”” >CONTACT ME< a/ >


  3. Great idea i will add that to the post and maby add a ‘contact me’ image link for people to use..

    Thanks a lot for taking the time to help i realy appreciate it.



  4. You’ve lost me on this one.. Made the contact form page, but here I sit and don’t know what the hell to do next..


  5. Hi Michael,

    How do you mean you dont know what to do?

    If your contact page is set up then you can create a link to it and put it on your blog maby in your sidebar.

    If somone wants to contact you they can click that link and go to your contact us page.

    When they fill out the contact form with their message and details Emailmeform will forward the message and details to your Email.

    Let me know what other help you need we will sort it out..



  6. OK, I guess what I’m asking is where do I actually make the link ? I can copy your code, but where do i paste it to “make” the link ?


  7. I got it figured out.. It’s a gadget.. Thanks for all you do Paul.. Sorry I’m a html idiot.


  8. Hey Michael,

    I went to your blog and see you managed to get an image link on your sidebar.

    To be honest the image links dont look great so i am going to add a nice clean contact us button to this tutorial.

    I have just made the button and tested it using a link to your contact page.

    So i have a button pre-made button just for you 😀
    If you want to use it copy this code and use it instead of the image code :

    <INPUT TYPE=”submit” VALUE=”Contact Us”>

    It has your link already so dont change anything its ready to go.



  9. can you tell me how to put that contact form in my page of blog ???


  10. Was really helpful…..
    i really like this blog, it is soooo cooool…


  11. Azubuike S IkedionuDecember 1, 2011 at 12:30 AM

    This is rich and great, i love the entire blog.

    I wish i can be coming back daily to read your posts.

    Please ho do i get a template like this your own with all the gadgets?



  12. hi paul, I am trying so so hard to get my therapy dogs blog running. I have never done this before and I am struggling and spending hours and hours on it. I have my contact form up and running but when they hit submit it goes to the emailmeform site. how do I fix that? If you have time could you help me with other things? I am so lost…if you can email me thanks a million


  13. If you having trouble with Emailmeform try Foxy Form it’s very simple –


  14. All went well until after I published the contact me page on blogger. I went in to test the page and clicked “send email” on the form and wouldn’t you know I WAS DIRECTED TO THE FOLLOWING url: (GIVING THE FOLLOWING MESSAGE)

    Site update in progress…
    EmailMeForm is currently down for a scheduled maintenance
    and will be back soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Before publishing the page I did a preview, tested the email and it worked. Therefore, does that mean anytime that the site is down for maintenance I cannot get my emails? If so, that’s pretty stupid for the emailmeform site.


  15. By chance I see that EmailMeForm was recently sold, the new owners could be updating the site.Try FoxyForm, you can see a tutorial here – FoxyForm Tutorial.


  16. Thanks for the useful information sir it was very helpful.