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  1. Is there a link where I could learn to make header tab, i.e. like giveaways, reviews, winners, etc? Thanks for all the help!

  2. i m a regular follower of spiceupyourblog i just love this site
    I just like ur simplified scripts

    however i have seen on one of the blog that it had locked its blog with a like button i would also like to do d same for my blog

    plzzz help

  3. @ shipsocker - I have seen it and i dont like it ! I'm not saying i wont cover it in a post, i like to give options even if i dont agree with them :D HAVING to click 'like' to enter a blog hmmm... I flat out refuse, just close the tab and go elsewere.So i dont have it lined up but I'm sure a search will find the code somewere.

  4. Is there is a way to display the number of reactions recieved in a post like we show the Number of Comments.Please do a post about this ,Thanks.

  5. I am also one of the regular visitor of this site It very helpful for me to learn to make a blog in new looks. I had searched about how to put media(live radio) widget (hidinng to the side)used in (where live streamming doesn't affected eventhough we browse other posts in the site). But I didn't get any idea about it. So, I am looking forward the post related it.

  6. Is it possible to show that how many times a page had seen or tatal hits for that page?

  7. It's really a good site. I am first time visiting here but, I am impressed.
    Hope you will do more for us.
    Best of luck for you.

  8. @ Paul : can you please guide how can i get my Adsense application approved in 1st attempt ?

  9. @paul, am a regular reader of your blog since 2010. i just started a blog and will like to ues your template for the blog, i mean this template template. i dont know if this is possible, if it is please can you give me the link to download it? Thanks

  10. Hey Paul I really Like your blog ... I want to Contact you
    Do you have any facebook account ? If yes then please Tell me I will be very thank ful to you .. Your BLOG is AWESOME

  11. Hey Paul ... Your Blog is Awesome .. i want to contact with you ...
    do you have any Facebook Account ? if yes then please Let me Know >..

    Once again your Blog is AWESOME

  12. Hi, I found your site as I was searching for HELP. I'm a brand new blogger...on Blogger. My issues started when I switched from a blogspot to a custom domain. I'm NO techie and don't even know how to describe many of my issues. But I am unable to verify my Pinterest, unable to authorize the ownership of my blog on Google, my feed is messed up, when I comment on some sites, I'm told a feed cannot be found (incidentally, I just tried your tip for adding the default feed link to my template) I have a new error - a parsing JSON error...I don't even know where to begin fixing things. It's weird b/c sometimes my blog won't even open up until I type in my old blogspot URL....makes me wonder if that's where the problem stems from. When I made the switch and registered my domain with 1and1, they had me redirect my feed from their site. I see on Blogger in my settings, there is a place in publishing to point your own registered domain to your blog. When I try to do that however, it says they cannot verify my authority to that domain. AAArrrggghhhh.....any ideas on what is going on and where to begin fixing????
    Thanks so much!!


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