9 Best Advertising Plugins For Your WordPress Blog To Earn Revenue

Posted : Monday, October 07, 2013 | Post Author : Paul Crowe | 8 comments

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WordPress is at the top of the Content Management System race. Another fact is that once we have a site on WordPress, we want to monetize it and earn some money out of it. However, having a site doesn’t mean you will be able to earn money and for this you need to take extra steps. Even if you have a high traffic coming to your site, you still need to pull up your sleeves as traffic doesn’t mean you are earning money.Strategic steps can get you the direct help you need. In this situation, plugins come to the rescue and there is a set of plugins which are solely directed at helping you advertise better on your blog.

Mentioned below are 9 of the best ones for your WordPress blog.


This plug in is one which helps you place your ads in locations which receive traffic in good numbers and through this, you can easily inject your ads at all the places of your site. You don’t have to worry about the compatibility as it supports all kinds of ads. This way, your ads will get the maximum coverage when someone comes on to your site and give you an opportunity to earn some money.


If you seriously want to convert the traffic which comes to your site then this plugin ought not to be ignored. AdRotate is a free plugin which allows you to place ads on your site and rotate them by changing their positions or interchanging them. The plugin also allows you to take charge of which ad you want to show to what group of people. Basically it means you have the authority to show some specific ads to people belonging to one country. Not only this, AdRotate makes monetizing much easier because of the features it provides.


This one is very easy to use and also makes your life easier. Not only does it help you in monetization, it has other features too which are very easy to understand and use and are able to help your site well. It allows ad management to be carried out with utter comfort and apart from the regular features, it also lets you use the Google Analytics and other such tracking services on your WordPress sites. All in all, this is a plugin which looks good and acts well.



This one deserves some special attention. If you have a heavy traffic on your site, then this plugin can do wonders for you without you take much of an effort. All you have to do is download this plugin and start using it so that people can come and buy the ad places on your site. It has a prior set of automated Ad selling system which allows you to manage your ad places after you are done making the correct settings. These settings include the duration for which you would want to sell your place and the charges per ad space. Once these two are settled, people can sign up and come on to purchase ad spaces and pay you through a PayPal account. This way you can earn money just by approving the ads you would want on your site.


This one has always been the master of monetizing small ads and if you are a WP user who has ads which are 125X125, this is the place to be. WP125 not only allows you to manage the ad locations, it also provides you with stats like how many ads are running on your website, click stats and a few other important and useful features.

WP Pro Advertising System


This plugin is for those you are not willing to spend a lot of money but want great features. Yes its possible as this one allows you to manage your ads in the most professional and easy ways possible and that too in a very quick and easy manner. It gives you access to a number of indispensable features which would help you in advertising on your site in a big way. These features include CTR, click stats and other important features.

60 Second Ad Manager


This plugin has the USP of initiating monetization of your site in not more than 60 seconds. It’s a powerful tool which helps you to set up advertising and is also very easy to use.

Google AdSense

Available in 8 languages this is another plugin which would help you in advertising. The best part about Google AdSense is that it allows you to set your own parameters in relation to that display of ads. These parameters include format of the ad, the sizes and the colours of elements, corners as well as the block position. This helps you in customizing your site and ads well.

Official BuySellAds.com WordPress plugin

This is another plugin which will help you out in earning revenues for your WordPress site. BuySellAds allows you to insert BSA code with the help of thwo options which it provides you with. Either you can use the widget or insert a function manually to the ad zone you prefer.

These few plugins are a mix of paid and unpaid plugins depending upon their features and each of them is sure to help you in earning some good money with your WordPress site without really going out of the way.

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