6 Reasons Working From Home Improves Your Life

Posted : Wednesday, May 30, 2012 |  Post Author : Paul Crowe | 6 comments

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Guest Post – Today’s host is David Crawford ,Many chase the dream of becoming a professional Blogger and working full time from home David looks at how this can improve your life.Want to get involved ? See How To Become a guest author on Spice Up Your Blog.

When I started working from home, I had many friends ask me why I was doing so. After all, we are so accustomed to heading to work each morning that for many people it seems strange that I roll out of bed, head to my little corner room, and start working. Because I am eager to tell people about my personal experience and love to share what I have learned, I want to present you with the reasons I work from home and how I benefit.

1. You gain personal freedom

For the first time since I have been of a ‘working age’, I finally feel that I have control over my own life. There are no time clocks, no rigid work schedules, no corporate culture, and no bosses. It takes discipline and good time management skills, but I would not change it for anything.

2. You reap the financial benefits

Yes, I do not have transportation, gas, or commute time expenses, but that is not what I am referring to. I can work in my pajamas if I wanted instead of a suit, but again, not what I am referring to. What I am referring to is the fact that I do not have to worry about whether my boss is going to give me a promotion. I do not have to worry whether there is a cap that I have to be concerned with when it comes to how much I can make, everything that I earn I have earned myself.

3. The many tax benefits

This is something that many people may not immediately think about, but using your home as your place of business means that you can enjoy many tax advantages. You can deduct part of the depreciation and operating expenses of your home. In reality, this means that a percentage of your mortgage payment, rent, utilities, insurance, and property taxes are deductible.

4. You become keenly aware of your skills

If you are working in an office, you are one of many. Oftentimes you find that you are boxed into a single job and taking on extra responsibility can be difficult. When you work from home, you wear many hats, and you become aware of what you are good at and what could use work. Personal growth is almost mandatory when you work from home.

5. Increase your level of productivity

It is incredibly satisfying to have your own business and to see it succeed. Because you are the only person responsible, you will find that the level of enthusiasm you have in your work only goes up. I have spent entire nights working because I want a particular job to be perfect. I have found that I spend a lot less time running back and forth between meetings with clients, why drive somewhere when I can handle most things through the phone or via online video conferencing?

6. Reduce the level of stress

For some this may seem counterintuitive, considering that you would be responsible for how much you make, but I am talking about the stress that comes from having to answer to someone else. If you want to work late at night, you can do so, if you need to take a few hours that day to take care of a loved one who is sick, you can do that. There are no deadlines imposed by your boss, and there are no office politics to deal with. You adhere to the schedule and deadlines set by yourself and your clients.

Make sure you stay active

The main reason many people fear working for themselves is that they are unsure that they would find clients. Chances are that the moment you start your own business from home, people are not going to be lining up around the block. That is why it pays to go to Elance and sign up. There you can see the types of jobs available, whether you want to write, program software, provide administrative support, or work in graphic design. Once you see how many jobs are available, you will realize that this is something you can do as long as you put your mind to it.

Make your home feel like work

If you are interested in working from home, one of the first things you will need to do is ensure that you have a “home office.” When I first started out, I worked at the kitchen table on my laptop. However, I quickly realized that I was constantly being distracted, because it did not feel like I was ‘at work’ – it felt like I was lounging around the house. Having a desk, a computer (perhaps one separate from your own personal computer if you can afford one) makes you realize that you are in a professional environment.

guest blog postBy Guest Author -David Crawford knows what it takes to be successful when working at home, having started his own online communication company after being active on the Internet more than a decade. When David is not talking with clients via an online conference room or staying up-to-date with the latest advances in office development by checking websites such as http://officedeskreviews.com, he enjoys watching movies going to the gym.



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  2. David Crawford has rightly pointed that it requires a self discipline and an environment to take the home business to next level.


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    I think introduction of internet has give birth to a whole new range of professions.
    To be a sucessful blogger, i think you need to have the passion to write and have a feeling of achievement when you see others enjoy what you are writing.


  4. Thank you. This article gave me inspiration to work harder.


  5. Insightful article by David Crawford outlining the key benefits of working from home.


  6. Danielle from Work At Home InfoJune 11, 2012 at 7:07 AM

    Great article! I have been working from home for 3 years now and I absolutely love it. Being able to work in your own space and in a stress free environment is very rewarding.