New Features And Updates For Blogger


Over the last few weeks the Blogger team have been busy with some new updates and changes to existing features.

Back in September blogger Incorporated "Lightbox" to the images on your blog.While this was popular with most bloggers the lack of an "Off Button" was frustrating for some.Here on Spice Up Your Blog we published a post with a method to disable lightbox.Now Blogger have listened to your requests and provided the aforementioned "Off Button" - Turn Off Blogger Lightbox.

Using user feedback Blogger have made some tweaks to the new interface or dashboard, details and a video on the subject can be found here - Update on Bloggers new interface.

Google are constantly trying to connect their huge portfolio of services.For example on Blogger our images are hosted on Google Picasa, our feed is connected to Google Feedburner and Google AdSense is connected to monetize your blog.Now you can quickly connect Google Analytics to your blog for the most in dept stats - Google Analytics support in Blogger.

Finally an update from Blogger in draft (Once again Google connecting their services), Google scribe is now available when you log in via Blogger In Draft - Google Scribe In Blogger.

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  1. Google is incorporating some really amazing features into Blogger. They should also integrate Gravatar service into comments and also let us change the Comment form design.

  2. hey
    great post.
    just saw the recent updates on blogger
    and was wondering how to go about them
    then your post came just at the right time.

  3. I found the option to turn off the Light Box feature, but for some reason was unable to find where to edit the template HTML in the new interface. Seems like I seen a post on Spice Up Your Blog about where to find that. If I can't edit the HTML through the new interface I guess I will stick to the old one.

  4. Weird, my lightbox no longer works. I was using lightbox.min.js and lightbox.css. I thought it may have been because I started using the nivo slider or something.

    Google scribe looks definitely interesting

  5. Google should also add paypal payment option to blogger and more monetizing options.

  6. Dear Paul, can you help? I use the new Magazine template and some of my thumbnail images are distorted. The weird thing is, some images of the same size and resolution aren't! I know that they should be more square-ish, but some of the pictures that are rectangle are not distorted and I wonder why. Can you help me fix this?

  7. wow, thats really amazing. Im excited to check those new updtaes.....cant wait....

  8. im so excited to try the new updates....cant wait

  9. is there a way to get all the social networking widgets under "follow me" umbrella - like FB, Google, Twitter, Pinthis etc under a single code.. I just saw this on a friend's blog and it looked fab !

    any suggestions??

  10. You showed the way to go correctly, tanks for the updates and features, very inspiring post is this, will come and check often.

  11. We get the same with wordpress but sometimes i think it would be better if they just left things that work.

  12. to jaime:
    the only way to do it is to switch to old templete, after editing then switch back to the new interface.
    Hope it helps :)

  13. the new interface. the old interface is more useful to me than the new interface

  14. I am having problems with changing font size. The font size changes spontaneously and I get the size I want in draft when published it shows up small each time. I changed to Google Chrome as suggested now I can not copy or paste.

  15. One again I am learning more from You Thanks for sharing about ho to use Google Analytics


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