Use Snipping Tool To Take Screenshots On Windows 7 And Vista


windows snipping tool

On Spice Up Your Blog i use screenshots in nearly every post to make it easier for people to follow tutorials.In the past i have used a FireFox Add-On to take the screenshots but now i use a great tool built into Windows 7 and Windows Vista called Snipping Tool.With snipping tool you have no need to download any plug-ins or add-ons and you can take professional and customizable screenshots.

How To Find And Use Windows Snipping Tool

Snipping Tool is easy to use and i have created a video to show you how to find it and start taking quality screenshots.

That's Snipping Tool a great way to take screenshots for your blog.Make sure to Check out more of our Image Tips and Blog Gadgets.

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  1. +1 in support of the snipping tool: I'm still on XP at home, but my current day job is on Win10, and snipping has made a few things a LOT easier

  2. this is one of the greatest feature of windows 7!! no need to do print screen and then edit it with paint! just snip it and your're done!

  3. Shotty is better. Snipping tool always gives me somewhat pixelated images.

  4. Nice tool. I was in search of that.Thanks.

  5. I had no idea - thanks for the tutorial - I'll use this a lot!

  6. Ss there any equivalent for Windows XP that I can download? thanks.

  7. @ Anonymous - There is not I'm afraid.You can get some great add-ons for your browser that will do the job.If you use Chrome or Firefox you can search the Chrome Extension Gallery or Firefox Add-On Gallery for 'Screenshot' to get the results.

  8. i get error saying i need a program called package which is not installed. what do do?


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