How To Get A Free Domain Name For Your Blog


I have removed this post as the Free domains are no longer available check out how to set up a custom domain on Blogger.

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  1. Realy good blog!
    I bookmarket You on my Firefox and add you to google friend connect!

  2. Thank you,

    It can be hard work at times keeping it all going but it is great fun helping people out.

    Thanks a lot for taking the time to Follow and leave a comment, i have lots more Great tips in store to Spice up your blog.


  3. I have got the domain i wanted thanks, and i now want to connect it to my blog.I have sent you an email in your contact form for you to tell me how if thats ok.Lisa.

  4. Hi Poul i Like This Post Very Much

  5. Hi Allan,

    Thanks for the comment, Im glad you liked the post and hope you get the domain you were looking for..


  6. i did it because of this post, im glad i found this useful article about transferring blogger blogspor to dot com domain name. I really appreciate it, spending so much time looking for google DNS, glad i found it.


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