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SEO Techniques To Recover From Google Penalties



SEO techniques to recover from Google penaltiesGuest Post – Our host is Parveen Barak, and he has some good advice on what to do when your blog gets penalized by Goolge.See How To Become a guest author on Spice Up Your Blog.

Google is a great source of vast information. In fact, all search engines are indeed most efficient and cheapest way to reach masses. So it is obvious for any business to rely on them for promoting themselves and gaining more and more traffic. But for the past few months, all those websites who were top rankers on Google are now suffering from major drops in Google ranking.

What is Google penalty- Google penalty can be defined as the manual actions which are taken by Google against various websites who seem to use such techniques which add to the violation of Google webmaster’s guidelines.

Possible reasons for getting penalized-

Keyword stuffing- keyword stuffing occurs when we use the same keyword more than requirement. Such repetition is considered as spamming in Google guidelines.

Cloaking- cloaking is a technique in which the content presented to search engine crawler is different from that of what is delivered to users.

Duplicate or copied content- Google always prefers the best and genuine content. Hence, duplicate or copied content is rejected.

Paid back links- paid back linking is a process in which we pay to other sites in return for getting a link from them to our site.

Hidden text- hidden text is what is not easily visible to users. Such text is considered as spam by Google webmaster and hence always rejected.

How to identify whether penalized or not-

Unnatural link warning- whenever Google find any website violating its quality guidelines. It immediately intimates the concerned site by sending messages or unnatural link warnings.

De-indexation- a major drop in ranking is surely the result of de-indexation of your site by Google. In case to check this out, type your site domain on Google and search for it. If it is not shown on the same rank as it was before it should be understood that your site has been penalized.

Google ranking- as said above a major drop in ranking indicates Google penalty.

Types of Google penalties-

Manual penalty- in this type of penalty any Google analyst can review your site manually and can penalize you if found to be violating Google guidelines. This can kill 90% of your traffic.

Panda penalty this type of penalty occurs when Google changes its algorithm in order to penalize those sites which have poor or duplicate content.

Penguin penalty this penalty hits those sites which have lots of unwanted links.

EMD penalty- EMD stands for Exact Match Domain penalty. In this type of penalty, Google penalize those sites who ranks higher in SERPs just because they have keywords in their domain name even if they do not contain quality content.

The above fold penalty- this type of penalty targets those sites which contain too many ads in the above fold area while the content is below. -30 to -950 penalties- such type of penalty includes acts like stuffing. Cloaking, doorway pages etc.

Ways to recover from Google penalties-

When penguin penalize you- Once you are sure that you have been penalized with penguin penalty. It’s high time to re-evaluate your site and remove all those links which are suspicious. Harmful backlinks may include-

  • Side wide links (generally in footers, headers etc.)
  • Low value directory links
  • Paid back links etc.

Use various link analysis tools like webmasters tool, link detox, Majestic SEO etc. to evaluate your link profile and remove all those unnatural and unwanted links as soon as possible.

When Panda penalty hits you- when you are hit by panda penalty you need to assess the whole content of your site. Make sure that the content on your site is genuine and not a duplicate one. It should not be copied. You should also check the whole content for keyword stuffing. You can use various tools like Copyscape for checking out whether your site’s content is also available on any other site over the web. All such activities will surely help you to recover from panda penalty and your site will automatically get better ranking and high organic traffic.

Facing EMD penalty- when your site is hit by EMD penalty, it’s high time you start concentrating on improvement of your brand identity. Create high quality backlinks and engage yourself on other social networks too. You can invest in good quality content and link building opportunities. Try to secure your brand name with all top ranking forums of your relevant industry. Last but not the least you can opt for little changes in your domain name.

Manual penalties are most difficult to recover but still one can try to recover from it by sending a reconsideration requests to Google Quality Analysts. The above fold penalty can be recovered by removing all excessive ads from your site and posting the content first instead of ads. Other penalties like cloaking, keyword stuffing can be dealt by revising the whole content on site and making proper changes to it.

AuthorBy Guest Author – I parveen writes about SEO, also poker card game and international poker news at


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    Really an awesome informative post, thanks Parveen and obviously Paul for allowing him to post 🙂


  2. Once I suffered from above fold penalty and it took me 6 months to partially recover from it!


  3. That is a good post.. But i want to know how i will figure out that i have been hit by google panda or penguine?


  4. The above tips are very useful for all seo’s. If every seo follow this methods, surely they can win in their serp results..


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  9. Thanks for the tips. Google is changing its algorithms so early that no one can recover it back soon.


  10. In my opinion Google penalizes most when it finds duplicate content, keyword stuffing and unnatural link building. For me these are the most critical factors that affect SEO and search engine rankings.


  11. The search engine penalty is a factor which sacred website owners. Through the medium of this post we will come across few points which will help a website to recover from this threat in an easy and feasible manner.


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