Book of Dead Slot RTP and Volatility

Book of Dead is what you’ll refer to as Play ‘N’ Go signature and undoubtedly one of the company’s popular games and a top-quality slot. So much so that lots of online casinos ( feature the game on their platform for slots fans to play with extra bonuses. Indeed, the search for treasures inside the Pharaoh’s catacombs has stood the test of time.

That might have a thing to do with the ancient Egyptian creatures of myth do bring some wealth to those daring enough to live up to the standard it has managed to build over the years. As players and Rich Wilde will learn immediately, they take some spins at the Book of Dead. Interestingly, it does pay to wager and win the odds on the Egyptian adventure.

Here is a total overview of the Book of Dead where we’ll unravel all the magic behind all the features.

The RTP and Volatility

Play ‘N’ Go’s classic slot Book of Dead RTP is 96.21%, which means that 96.21% of the full proceedings of the slots game go towards the player’s pockets. The other 3.79% represents the house edge, and that’s how much the house (the casino) you choose to play at, gets from the investment.

Land-based casinos do similar things with their house edge, so it’s not a new system by any means. Regarding the game’s volatility, the Book of Dead slot sits on the top part of the volatility spectrum. Therefore, winning come more rarely compared to other games, and when they do, they appear more significant than others with lower volatility.

However, don’t let the volatility fool you. During detailed practice, the Book of Dead responds very well featuring a high wager. So, if a player places higher bets, there will be a slight chance of landing a win compared to what you’ll get when he or she bets lower. The Book of Dead does indeed favour the bold when dishing out bonuses.

Play Book of Dead Slot Real Money Online

Since the developer who developed the game offer you the chance to book passage to Egypt and dive into a pyramid-type some Indiana Jones copycat. It would help if you left that for fictional and real professional archaeologists. Instead, players should unearth the riches hidden away in the ancient tombs by merely signing up to one or more of the casinos from most of the recommended list we were able to churn out for our valuable readers.

Book of Dead Slot Free Play

Some, if not all of those casinos that feature the game will let players play the game for free whenever the players like since players need to invest more money to play Book of Dead slot for free Since players need to spend more money to earn more money.

Our Verdict

While the players could say, the Book of Dead slot is relatively more than a tricky pony. What would be more interesting? The slots game can result in good news and a low result on investment.