25 Best Free WordPress Themes To Use In 2013

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In July last year we looked at the Best new free WordPress themes of 2012.As with all our WP theme collections that was a very popular post and since then there have been some more amazing free themes released.So today we have listed the best free WordPress themes from the later part of 2012 and start of 2013.If your WordPress blog needs a face lift for 2013 or indeed if you are launching a new site there will surely be a theme for you in our list of 25 !

25 WordPress Themes For 2013

The themes are not numbered in order of quality rather in order of how we located them during the research for the post.

Some of these themes may have free and paid versions so look for the free download link.Click the title of each theme below to check out the demo and download.Enjoy !

1) BonePress WordPress Theme

Bonepress is a two column theme with a left sidebar.Available in four colors with a responsive design.

BonePress WordPress Theme



2) Grid – Responsive WordPress Theme

Grid is a premium style theme using the latest design techniques.The home page features a grid design with auto load on scroll similar to what you see on Pinterest.A fantastic design for photo or design related blogs.

Responsive WordPress Theme



3) Leon WordPress Theme

Leon is a magazine style WordPress theme with a dark color scheme.Posts on the home page are displayed in three columns with a post thumbnail and read more.

Leon WordPress Theme



4) Mixfolio Gallery Theme

Mixfolio is a bright WordPress theme with a minimal gallery design.On the home page posts are displayed in three columns by the main post or featured image.The post pages have a separate two column design.

Mixfolio Gallery Theme


5) Respo WordPress Theme

Respo is a bright two column theme for WordPress.The design is responsive so will look great on all devices.

Respo WordPress Theme


6) Frank – Minimal WordPress Theme

This theme was built to load fast and focus on content.A bright white color scheme with a two column design.

Frank - Minimal WordPress Theme


7) AccentBox – Classic Magazine WordPress Theme

Accent Box is a magazine WordPress theme in the classic design.This theme has a grey color scheme is ads optimized and uses the read more feature on the home page.

Classic Magazine WordPress Theme


8) Launch – Tumblr Style WordPress Theme

Launch is a fresh WordPress theme with a Tumblr Microblog design.The theme has a two column design with a left sidebar and blue color scheme.

Tumblr Style WordPress Theme


9) Casual – WordPress Theme

Casual is another classic design theme but like so many new themes is responsive and has some neat extra features.

Casual - WordPress Theme


10) Xena – Online Store WordPress Theme

Want to use WordPress for your online store ? Then this could be the theme for you.Easy to set up with your products and shopping cart a good option if you want a free theme for your store.

Online Store WordPress Theme


11) Simple N’ Bright WordPress Theme

Everything you need to know about this theme is in the title.A great colorful design with a large slideshow and lots of options.

Simple N' Bright WordPress Theme


12) Koresponsive – Magazine Theme

This is a magazine style theme with lost of features including a featured image slider, social icons and fixed jump break.

Koresponsive - Magazine Theme


13) Daily Post WordPress Theme

Daily Post is a unique professional theme.With a left sidebar hugged by social icons and large slideshow the design really stands out.

Daily Post WordPress Theme


14) Fanwood WordPress Theme

The first thing we notice about Fanwood is it’s very yellow ! But the black posting area really adds a nice contrast.The default layout is two column with a right sidebar but there are options to change the layout and features.

Fanwood WordPress Theme


15) Next Tech – Technology WordPress Theme

Next Tech has the classic tech blog design.A three column layout with both left and right sidebars.The features include social icons and search in the header, full width slideshow and more.

Technology WordPress Theme


16) Gadgetry WordPress Theme

Another technology theme this time with the demo set up as a gadget blog.But this them could be used for any blog niche with it’s slick three column design.

Gadgetry WordPress Theme


17) Bello – Basic WordPress Theme

Their is not too much to say about this theme we wanted to add a basic theme to the list and this is it.A three column layout that puts the focus on content.

Basic WordPress Theme


18) Pinboard Gallery Theme

Pinboard is a great theme with the main post area in a Pinterest style.A good theme for photography or design blogs to showcase your work.

Pinboard Gallery Theme


19) Caja Pinboard Style Theme

Caja is another gallery theme with a Pinterest style design.It looks fantastic and once again will be loved by Photo bloggers.

Pinboard Style Theme


20) Simple Corp – Pro Design Theme

Simple Corp is a great theme for your business website or maybe a portfolio.A nice design with multiple content sections and very social friendly.

Pro Design Theme


21) iFeature Drag And Drop WordPress Theme

This theme comes with lost of layout options through the drag and drop feature.So you can use it to focus on your blog or as a static website.

Drag And Drop WordPress Theme


22) iRibbon Responsive Theme

iRibbon gets it’s name from the ribbons in the background of all headers.It has a great responsive design that will work on all devices.A very sleek design with a large featured posts slider and footer columns among the extra features.

iRibbon Responsive Theme


23) Dezibelly Retro WordPress Theme

This is an awesome theme with a great retro design.The header has a cool featured image slider set in a classic style television.The theme has options for color and layout so you can play with the design until you get it right.

Retro WordPress Theme


24) Velvet Sky eCommerce WordPress Theme

Velvet Sky is another eCommerce theme with enabled store.A brown color scheme with multiple product sections.This theme is also available for Prestashop users.

eCommerce WordPress Theme


25) Best – Dynamic WordPress Theme

This is a bright and dynamic theme that once again will work well on all devices.It features a number of options for the layout with a large slider and footer columns.

Dynamic WordPress Theme

That’s the list we will soon list the best free Blogger templates to use in 2013.Have you a favorite theme from the list or one you will use or are using ? Let us know in the comments.

AuthorAuthor – Paul Crowe is the owner and main author of Spice Up Your Blog.Paul lives in Ireland, has been blogging since 2006 and writing Spice Up Your Blog since 2009.You can find him in the usual social networks.


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