How To Choose The Registrar When Buying A Custom Domain From Blogger

Posted : Saturday, July 07, 2012 | Post Author : Paul Crowe | 13 comments

Logo For Blogger GoDaddy And EnomHere on Spice Up Your Blog I have always advised (Strongly) users of Blogger to buy a domain name rather than use the free blogspot sub-domain.I have been such a strong adversary of using a custom domain a year ago I published the strong titled “Why Not Getting A Custom Domain For Your Blogger Blog Is Stupid “.I followed up that post with a Step By Step video tutorial on How to buy a custom domain and connect it to your Blogger blog.So I covered why to get a domain and how to get it.

In that video I tell you how although you are buying the domain directly from Blogger (Google) they are not a domain registrar.So Blogger use one of two registrars, namely GoDaddy and eNom.When you are going through the process of buying a custom domain from Blogger they automatically (and i presume randomly) choose either GoDaddy or eNom for you.

Up till now I have thought that’s it you go with the one they choose and continue.However Chuck over at The real Blogger status has shown me different and in fact you can choose between GoDaddy and eNom.During the process you are presented with the option to choose which registrar you want.

Personally I would always opt for GoDaddy as I find their dashboard much more user friendly (I’m open to other opinions on this ?).Now remember unless you are moving the domain or maybe want to create a sub-domain ect.. you should never actually have to log into GoDaddy or eNom as the previous video showed Blogger do all the work for you.

Still nobody knows what direction they may want to take with their blog or domain in the future so making sure your with the more user friendly (Once again my opinion) registrar now can save time and effort in the future.So lets looking at exactly how you choose the domain registrar when buying your domain.

In step one of ‘Choose Your Domain Name’ you are shown this page, note ‘Powered By eNom’ circled :

When we click the ‘Learn More’ link beside it we are presented with this page :

When we tick GoDaddy and click continue we are back to the first page but this time with powered by GoDaddy :

You can now continue with the registration process.And that’s it, simple really but a great spot by Chuck (He doesnt miss much).

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  1. I wish I knew this when I bought my domain, thanks for the tip.


  2. Hello! Thanks for the great post. I took your advice and bought a domain from Blogger, but I recently received a message:

    We wanted to let you know that your domain name registration with enom associated with your Google Apps account for will soon be transitioning to a new billing system.

    There’s no action required at this time. We’re just letting you know in accordance with our terms of service.


    Will there be a problem when I wish to renew my domain?
    thanks, julie


  3. will my pagerank disapear if i buy new domain ? i still use my blogspot domain paul ?





  4. Yes you will lose your page rank and even your alexa ranking 🙁


  5. Hi, with one on my blogs I bought a domain name very simply with blogger, and my pagerank disappeared – for a while but then it reappeared.



  7. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing this useful info. It is really a great help to all those people who are new to domain name registration.


  8. Ugh. I wish that had been posted 2 weeks ago. I used your tutorial for buying a domain with blogger. It defaulted to enom. I have had nothing but DNS problems since. Blogger blames enom. Enom blames Blogger. I’m pretty sure it’s enom’s problem after doing tons of research. The only thing I know to do is to wait out the 60 days and then transfer my domain. Thanks for your awesome tutorials non the less.


  9. is best


  10. hello sir i yesterday i bought custom domain from blogger k but blogger allow free host it mean i buy domain dotcom or i go for paid host .please give the tutorail of after buy custom domain after what i do how i redirect by blogspot to dotcom please bring the tutorial


  11. Hi Paul
    PayPal doesn’t support our country. Is there any good domain registrar that support Payza.
    Thanks 🙂


  12. some of my posts are now entered on page one google
    I want to ask, if I replace with a new domain, what the post position in the SERP will be disturbed?
    thank you


  13. Great post, but you might want to change “adversary” to “proponent.” 😉


  14. Blogger is not offering custom domains any more, recently i registered a domain name from godaddy and given a custom domain redirect from blogger, it is quite simple and easy too