Photography Blogs – SEO Mistakes To Avoid

Posted : Saturday, May 19, 2012 | Post Author : Paul Crowe | 12 comments

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Nowadays, more than ever before, the Internet is intensely competitive. With hundreds of photography websites and Blogs being launched on a daily basis, it has become increasingly difficult to rank well in search engines. This is why search engine optimization is vital for the success of any website. Research has shown that search engines like Google and Yahoo account for more than 70% of traffic.

When it comes to photography sites, the following are some of the SEO mistakes to avoid.

1. Setting up a purely flash site

Flash are usually eye-catching and can be very effective in capturing the attention of prospective clients. However, flash animations are invisible to search engines. As a result, it is very difficult to rank flash websites. A solution to this would be to present a splash or HTML page together with the flash. The text on the page will help search engines understand what your site is all about. You could also provide readable text through a blog connected to the flash site.

2. Using a similar title for all the pages

If you use the same title on all your pages, search engines will think your site or blog is just about one thing. However, you might want to rank for several phrases (such as engagement, wedding, receptions or bride). You should therefore ensure that each of these terms has a different page title.

3. Having URLs without keywords

When it comes to ranking, URLs are very vital. Having keywords in your URL gives search engines a good idea of the subject matter of your page. If one of your pages has a URL which looks something like, it will be difficult for search engine to tell what the page is all about. When you alter the URL to something like, then the subject becomes obvious. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your URLs are search engine friendly.

4. Inadequate text

Many photographers don’t know how to create text which will help them rank well in search engines. Each post should be at least 300-words long. This will convince search engines that your page has substantial content that would be useful for potential searchers. Make sure your posts contain details such as contact information, testimonials, as well as relevant links to other pages.

5. Not including captions

When visitors see an image on your page, they instinctively look for the caption. Search engines also rely on caption to make sense out of an image, since they can’t ‘see’ the image itself. Captions are ideal for including keywords on your page. Make sure you use specific words which will help enhance your ranking.

6. Using poor image filenames

Besides captions, search engines also understand an image through its filename. Instead of using a filename like TR003.jpg, rename it to traditional-bridal-gown.jpg. Hyphens are useful for highlighting each individual keyword.

7. Slow load time

The time your pages take to load will affect their ranking. Blog pages or flash sites with numerous images usually load very slowly. As a result, you could lose much traffic from search engines, as well as impatient web users.

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