Updated Snow Fall Effects, Merry Christmas Banner And Christmas Theme Templates For Blogger

christmas effects bloggerIn the build up the Christmas over the last few years i have published some seasonal posts with gadgets and widgets to add some Christmas cheer to your blog.These posts have proven very popular, the first snow fall effect for Blogger i published when Spice Up Your Blog was only a few months old in 2009 brought in a lot of new readers.So over the last week i have been working on updating the posts, the script for one of the posts “10 Falling Christmas Objects” had stopped working.I have changed that post completely and it’s working fine now.Along with that post we have two other posts with snow fall effects, a stylish Merry Christmas banner that sits in the top corner of your blog and a a collection of Christmas templates on our templates site.

List Of Christmas Gadgets And Tutorials

1. Original Christmas Snow Fall Effect For Blogger.

2. Colored Christmas Snow Fall Effect For Blogger.

3. 10 Different Falling Christmas Objects For Blogger.

4. Stylish Fixed Corner Merry Christmas Banner For Blogger.

5. Christmas Theme Free Blogger Templates.

Hope you find them useful and an early Merry Christmas from Spice Up Your Blog.


  1. these don’t work for my blog… don’t know why….


  2. thanks bro.


  3. ~ Princezz Julie ~January 11, 2012 at 2:02 AM

    Hi, although christmas is over, but i’ll still like to see the snow fall down in my blog for all season! Thanks for the great effects created, i like it so much!