Simple Print Friendly And PDF Buttons For Your Blog Posts


Print PDF FriendlyIn this post i have an Exciting New, Extremely Easy and Professional way for you to make your blog posts available to print and download in PDF (Portable Document Format).We will add from a choice of neat buttons to your posts that readers can click to view a Print And PDF friendly version of your blog.

What Is Print and PDF friendly ?

If you were to try to print this page you would not only get the post but also the Ads, Gadgets and other stuff you don’t want in the sidebar and footer.This could take lost of pages and waste ink printing stuff you don’t need.A print and PDF friendly optimized version will exclude the parts you don’t want and you can remove other content you don’t want printed or in your PDF.

print preview buysellads interview


Edit Pages Before Print

While most of the unwanted content will be removed automatically when the reader clicks to Print or PDF the page readers can also remove other sections with a click of their mouse.By simply hovering over a section it is highlighted and can be removed, a check box gives the option to remove all images from the print page.You can see more options in the video at the bottom of the post.

Add A Print And PDF Button To Your Blog

This service is provided free from PrintFriendly.Com.All you need to do is pick a button you like, grab the code and add it to your blog.Print friendly have detailed instructions for Blogger Blogs and WordPress Blogs on this page – Install Instructions.I have extra options to add the button to the top of your posts after the video.


Video Tutorial

This Video Actually Focuses On The Option To Get A Print Version Of A Page By Entering The URL.However You Will See The Option Available On The Actual Print PDF Page.

Add The Print Friendly Button To The Top Of Blogger Posts

The tutorial on Print Friendly shows you how to add the button to the bottom of your posts, however you may like to have the button at the top of your posts.

Step 1. In Your Blogger Dashboard Click Design > Edit Html > Tick The Expand Widget Templates Box.

Design Edit Html Widget Templates

Step 2. Find the following piece of code in your blogs Html : (Click Ctrl and F for a search bar to help find the code – More Info)


Step 3. Paste the code for your Print and PDF button Directly Above/  Before <data:post.body/>

Float The Button To The Right And Left Of the Post

To align your Print Friendly button to the Right. Add inline CSS to the PrintFriendly code snippet.

A: Find the two <div class=’pfbutton’>, inside your Print Friendly button code.
B: Add style=’float:right;’ to the div tag as shown below.

That’s it a very cool and easy way to let reader Print or view your posts in PDF.Make sure to Check out more of our Blog Gadgets.


  1. Thank you, very easy to follow instructions!


  2. Hi – that’s a fantastic tool – or at least it has the potential to be.

    I just installed it on several of my sites, including one that has a lot of maps: it would be very handy to let readers print out the page with the map and instructions. However when I click the print/pdf button, the page that it shown doesn’t include the map. And it doesn’t cope with tables (that I use for map keys) either.


  3. These are very easy and good ways to add buttons.


  4. Taylor here, founder of PrintFriendly. Paul, thanks for the great description!

    @Mary Maps drawn from APIs (google/yahoo) could be trouble. Could you send me the URL? I’ll check out. Yes, tables for layout are hard to cope with. CSS for the layout will help.


  5. @ Taylor – Thanks for your kind words.It’s a great gadget, just so simple and user friendly.


  6. Debra Newton-CarterJune 17, 2011 at 12:46 AM

    I tried using the steps provided above, and when I got the step 3, the code was not found in my Blogger print friendly button code…so, I tried just putting the code in a Java Text Gadget at the top right of my template, and it worked perfectly, and MUCH more simply. Thanks for the link to the button!





  7. Debra,
    I had your sam problem but iffent from you I am a novice on webmaster stuff. Would you show how you overcome the problem? In other words how can I put it on Java text gadget? Many thanks



  9. @ Debra – The code in step 3 is in every template, it is the code that repesents the body of your posts.Make sure you tick the expand widget templates box before looking for it.Great work adding it to your sidebar but i also feel it is when someone gets to the end of a post they would be thinkging about printing so it is important to have the button there.


  10. Hi Paul,

    Thanks for a great site, with some great inspiration. I have inserted the print button on the top, but I can´t seem to find the , inside my Print Friendly button code. So I can´t align it to the right. Do you know what I am doing wrong?


  11. Hi, Thanks for the easy instructions. I have a problem though. Although a print button appears on each individual post, when you click the print option, it prints the very first post only. so, if you are looking at a recipe and click Print, it still wants to print the first post original post I did. Any idea on what I’ve done wrong?


  12. I made the (apparent) mistake of using the widget on vs. inserting the code in my blogspot hosted blog. I knew better, was just feeling a little lazy. Now I’d like to find the code so I can modify to show only at the end of the post rather than also on the home page.

    It’s working at, I’d just like to move it a bit.

    Problem is that the code is nowhere to be found. 🙁 ?? I’ve looked everywhere, followed the uninstall directions, searched for hours etc. Nothing. I know it has to be there somewhere ’cause it’s there and working.

    Any ideas? (Other than don’t be lazy next time and copy and paste the code.) Thanks.





  13. jrwills, Of you added it using the add to blogger method it will be in a HTML/Javascript gadget.So go to your blogs Layout page, click edit for every HTML/Javascript gadget until you find the one with the code for Print Friendly.