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How To Embed A Facebook Status On Your Blog


In November last year I showed you How To Embed Tweets In Your Blog Posts followed in March this year with How To Embed Instagram Photos on your Blog Posts.In this post I will follow up with Embedding Facebook Status in your blog.Similar to Twitter and Instagram embedding a status from Facebook could not be easier.This will work on Blogger, WordPress or any blog platform that allows you to use HTML in your posts.

So why embedd a Status from Facebook on your blog ? As I had pointed out in the Embedd Tweets post you may want to quote a tweet or show reactions from Twitter on a certain subjectthe same goes for Facebook .For me embedding the status is much better than simply quoting the text.

When you embed a status as I have done from the Spice Up Your Blog Facebook page below a number of options are added.Note how people can like the page in the top right, the time date and reactions are also displayed.Finally you can comment, Like and Share the status from within the post.

Post by Spice Up Your Blog.

How To Embed A Facebook Status On Your Blog

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20 Best Free And Premium WordPress Slider Plugins


Wordpress Logo
Today I want to list some of the best slider plugins for Wordpress blogs.Most Bloggers want to use a slider be it a Featured posts slider or just a neat slideshow of your pictures or Carousel.Originally I wanted to list 20 free slider plugins but to be honest there was not 20 Good free sliders to choose from.Most of the free sliders were just a Lite Version of a premium plugin.So I found 10 top free slider plugins and I have also listed 10 of the very best Premium Wordpress Plugins if you are willing to spend a few bucks.

So I will start with the 10 best free slideshow plugins and then I have listed the 10 premium slideshow plugins.

Best Free WordPress Slider Plugins

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Automatically Post Your YouTube Videos On Wordpress And Blogger


Connect YouTube Wordpress Blogger Logos
I know many bloggers have YouTube channels and like to post their YouTube videos on their blog.So in this post I will show you how can automatically post YouTube videos on your blog.Using IFTTT I have created two recipes to do just that, auto post any video you upload to YouTube to your blog on either Blogger or Wordpress.As well as this the Video title from YouTube will be used as the post title and the video description will be used as text within the post.

So; IFTTT is a site you can use to connect social accounts, online services, feeds, email and more.When we connect two of these services it is called a "recipe".I created a recipe wherein you can connect your YouTube account with your Wordpress blog and another were you can connect your YouTube account with your Blogger blog.I have tested both and once connected YouTube uploads are posted on your blog within minutes.I then made these recipes public so anyone can use them.

I have a video tutorial below along with links to both recipes for you to connect your blogs with your YouTube channel.

Video Tutorial

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Add Social Engagment Plugin Smart Layers To Blogger And Wordpress Blogs


Social Media
In this post we will see how you can add the new smart layers social gadget to your Blog.Smart layers is a new innovation from AddThis that looks to combine all aspects of social engagement on your blog with just one piece of code.

What Does It Do ? - In essence Smart Layers combines sharing buttons, follow buttons and recommended posts.

  • The sharing buttons sit fixed in position on the side of your blog.
  • The follow icons appear fixed at the top of the page.
  • Recommended or Related posts sit at the foot of the blog.
  • Finally on scroll a slide out recommended (Whats Next) post will appear.

The recommended content option in my expirence dos not work well with the Blogger platform.Take a look at our demo and the AddThis official video below.

View Demo Button

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35 Must Have Free WordPress Plugins For 2014


Wordpress Plugin Logo
As we head into 2014 it's time to look at some of the awesome new Wordpress Plugins bloggers will be using throughout the year.The selection of Plugins in the Wordpress Directory is staggering with almost 30,000 Plugins available and at last count 566,635,959 downloads !

So it's hard to rummage through the directory and tell the tops from the flops, that's were we come in.Below I have researched and listed 35 of the very best Plugins in every imaginable category.From Social plugins to SEO and Design to Security there is bound to be a plugin to suit you and maybe just the one you were looking for.

Among my favorites in the list are the 'Thank Me Later Plugin', 'Google Fonts Plugin' and the 'Fancier Author Box' let us know what your favorites are as well.

35 Best Free Wordpress Plugins For 2014

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Add The New Google Translate Button On Blogger And Wordpress


Globe Made Of Country Flags
Last year I brought you a complete translate gadget for your blog.This gadget displayed a selection of flags which when clicked translated your blogs text to the chosen language.I know for some this style of gadget took up a little too much space and while you do want to offer a translate option something more compact might better.

So I decided to list number of Translate Buttons you can use on your blog.With the translate button you offer the same translation options but via a compact button.However first I wanted to dedicate a full post to installing the Latest Google Translate button on your blog.Google translate is the most popular option but generating the code for the button requires a few steps.

So in one of my next posts I will list the best alternatives but for now lets focus on Google Translate Blog Button.Here are the steps to generate your button then I have the video tutorials to add it to Blogger or Wordpress.

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9 Best Advertising Plugins For Your WordPress Blog To Earn Revenue


Guest Post - Our host is Mini Belwal, Mini is looking at some of the best Wordprss Plugin choices for ad placement on your blog.See How To Become a guest author on Spice Up Your Blog.

WordPress is at the top of the Content Management System race. Another fact is that once we have a site on Wordpress, we want to monetize it and earn some money out of it. However, having a site doesn’t mean you will be able to earn money and for this you need to take extra steps. Even if you have a high traffic coming to your site, you still need to pull up your sleeves as traffic doesn’t mean you are earning money.Strategic steps can get you the direct help you need. In this situation, plugins come to the rescue and there is a set of plugins which are solely directed at helping you advertise better on your blog.

Mentioned below are 9 of the best ones for your WordPress blog.

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How To Use Sliding Underlines On Blogger And Wordpress


Tutorial Logo
As someone constantly looking at design and ways to add to the design of blogs often it's the little things that amuse me.This post is definitely an example of that, something as simple as an underline sliding out under a heading or for that matter any text most would see mundane but I see as 'Cool'.So lets look at the effect, first up it's a very easy effect to use on your blog no code knowledge is needed.

Basically on any text on your blog you can make a sliding underline appear on hover (when you place the cursor over it).For me this effect works best on headings and links as these are the text visitors to your blog will hover on most.In future posts I may show how to add the effect to all links on your blog or maybe to Labels/Tags (Like the previous Bump effect for Blogger labels we published in 2011).

Show Me The Effect Already !

OK, hover over the "Show Me The Effect Already" text above to see the magic, cool ehh ?

Hover Here For The Effect In A Heading.

And Hover Here for It In A Link.

What About The Underline Slide From Right To Left ?

No Problem hover over the heading above or this text to see the slide from right to left.

Add The Slide Underline Effect To Your Blog

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Giveaway - Win A Premium Wordpress Theme And Expert Support


This week we have another great Giveaway courtesy of ReadyThemes and CodeinWP.Five of our readers will win a Premium WordPress theme but it gets better ! As part of your prize after you choose your theme you get two hours consultation with a WordPress expert to help you make the theme a perfect fit for your site.

This Giveaway is now over the winners were :

Megan Renee Slater
Sasi Kumar

Look out for some more great Giveaways.

WordPress themes can be found almost everywhere on the web today. While there are many free and great themes around, often it may be a little tedious to find a theme that is truly suitable for your specific need. After you have found your desired theme, the next step is the most crucial part, customizing it to the way you want it.

Sometimes asking for support from the theme creator may not be as prompt as you would like, as you are not the only one using the theme who needs help. So wouldn't it be better if you could get a professional WordPress consultation to solve all your theming woes?

Today, we are glad to partner with Ready Themes and CodeinWP to giveaway a premium WordPress theme plus 2 hours of Free WordPress consultation to 5 lucky readers.Details on how to enter are at the bottom of the post but first let's look at Ready Themes and CodinWP.

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Understand The Pros And Cons Of Free WordPress Themes


Silver and Orange Wordpress logo
Guest Post - Our host is Paulius Rasytinis, in this post he looks at the advantages and limitations of using free Wordpress themes on your blog.See How To Become a guest author on Spice Up Your Blog.

There are lots of discussion about free WordPress themes and whether they are a good solution for your website. Opinions differ, but the truth is that it all depends on your website and what you wish to achieve. Small personal blogs or starter websites may benefit from a free WP theme because it is a quick and inexpensive way to setup your website. Complex corporate websites will often do better with a premium theme.

What is very important for free WordPress themes is to understand their limitations and to accept them. Chances are that a free theme won't offer many premium features, but perhaps that's not what you need at the moment. Another important thing to keep in mind is security. It's important to download free WP themes from reliable sources, such as free theme directory (

Best Things About Free WordPress Themes

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