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How to Use Google+ Communities to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog


Use the Power of Google+ Communities
Guest Post - Our host is Matt Carter. Matt uses his experience as an Internet Marketer to show us How to Use Google+ Communities to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog. See How to Become a guest author on Spice Up Your Blog.

If you write for a blog regularly, chances are you’ve spent quite a bit of time figuring out how to send your posts out so they’re read by lots of different people.

You’ve probably spent a lot of time using social media as a means to spread your content out, but if you’re focusing solely on Facebook and Twitter, you might be forgetting an important place to find more blog readers: Google+.

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The Truth about 'Sharing is Caring' in Blogging


'Sharing is Caring' in Blogging More and more blogs use this Social Widget with the 'Sharing is Caring' gadget as a call-to-action to get their posts shared. But when do you share content? What do you share, and why?

Do you share a post just because you see some sexy buttons with the text 'Sharing is Caring'? Bloggers try hard to get their posts shared. I must admit that it may even increase the chance of getting a share.

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How To Embed A Facebook Status On Your Blog


In November last year I showed you How To Embed Tweets In Your Blog Posts followed in March this year with How To Embed Instagram Photos on your Blog Posts.In this post I will follow up with Embedding Facebook Status in your blog.Similar to Twitter and Instagram embedding a status from Facebook could not be easier.This will work on Blogger, WordPress or any blog platform that allows you to use HTML in your posts.

So why embedd a Status from Facebook on your blog ? As I had pointed out in the Embedd Tweets post you may want to quote a tweet or show reactions from Twitter on a certain subjectthe same goes for Facebook .For me embedding the status is much better than simply quoting the text.

When you embed a status as I have done from the Spice Up Your Blog Facebook page below a number of options are added.Note how people can like the page in the top right, the time date and reactions are also displayed.Finally you can comment, Like and Share the status from within the post.

How To Embed A Facebook Status On Your Blog

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The Complete Blogger’s Guide to Hashtags


Guest Post - Our host is Adrienne Erin who explains Hashtags and their importance in blogging.See How To Become a guest author on Spice Up Your Blog.

In today’s world, hashtags are everywhere. They abound on the Internet. People use hashtags when they talk. Heck, some people are even naming their babies hashtag. But just what are hashtags and how can you use them to become a successful blogger? Read on to discover all of that and more.

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How To Embed Instagram Photos On Your Blog


Instagram Logo In A Cone Cake
Instagram has grown beyond recognition since it's launch in 2010 as a photo sharing social network.But what can Bloggers get from Instagram ?

In this post I want to show you how you can easily embed photos from instagram in your blog posts.This is of course a great way to share your Instagram images on your blog but Instagram also has great potential as an image source in general.We all know pictures bring blog posts to life but often we struggle to find suitable free images to use in our posts.With the Instagram embed option you can get great free to use photos while knowing you are linking back to the owner of the photo in the proper manner.

Here is an example of a photo I have embedded from Instagram.You can see the image is in a frame that links to the photographer on Instagram and shows the likes and comments so you need not worry about copyright.The images can also be resized to suit, in the embed code you will see and edit the height and width (This one is 710x612 Pixels).

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Two Metro Style Subscribe And Follow Widgets For Blogger


Last month we published 35 Wordpress Plugins for 2014, a collection of plugins we thought would be the most popular this year.In that list you will find one plugin I really liked, the Metro Style Social Widget.The plugin displays a block of metro social icons linked to your social profiles.So I thought can we get this plugin to work on Blogger ?

A search showed a number of people had tried to recreate the widget for Blogger but often with messy results.So building on their lead I had a go at creating a proper version, in fact two version.The reason for creating two versions is to accommodate the social networks different bloggers have.

The first version has icons for Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, and RSS Feed.For the second one I have included LinkedIn and YouTube.I have included a screenshot below but also see the demos to see the gadgets live.

Version 1 Demo - Check out the demo on Our Free Blogger Template Site.

Version 2 Demo - Check out the demo on a demo site here.

Add The Metro Social Widget To Your Blog

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Add Social Engagment Plugin Smart Layers To Blogger And Wordpress Blogs


Social Media
In this post we will see how you can add the new smart layers social gadget to your Blog.Smart layers is a new innovation from AddThis that looks to combine all aspects of social engagement on your blog with just one piece of code.

What Does It Do ? - In essence Smart Layers combines sharing buttons, follow buttons and recommended posts.

  • The sharing buttons sit fixed in position on the side of your blog.
  • The follow icons appear fixed at the top of the page.
  • Recommended or Related posts sit at the foot of the blog.
  • Finally on scroll a slide out recommended (Whats Next) post will appear.

The recommended content option in my expirence dos not work well with the Blogger platform.Take a look at our demo and the AddThis official video below.

View Demo Button

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Add Social Sharing Buttons To All Images On Blogger And Wordpress


Photos and images have become such an integral part of blogs with many thinking images are as important as the text.This does not just referr to Photography blogs but no matter what the subject of your blog; visitors respond to photos and other media.The success of Pinterst has just gone to reiterate this, in the modern online world the old and overused saying A picture is worth a thousand words really rings true.

So as bloggers we can utilize the images we use on our blogs in a number of ways.In this post we will see how to use images to get visitors sharing your posts.This tutorial will cover how to add social bookmarking buttons to the images you use on your blog.So directly from the image visitors can share the image (thus the post) on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other popular social networks.I know from emails and comments i received this was something many of you have been looking for.

To do this we will use the gadget from SlingPic which offers a plugin for Wordpress users and I will walk you through how to add the code to Blogger.Take a look at the demo below, simply hover over the images to see the share options :

View Demo Button

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How Changes in Social Media Will Help Bloggers In 2014


Guest Post - Our host is Ben Taylor, Ben is taking a look at the changes we can expect to social media in 2014.See How To Become a guest author on Spice Up Your Blog.

October was a big month for social media. Twitter finally ousted HootSuite and other third-parties by introducing its own Scheduled Tweet program. It also added the option of allowing people who follow you to send you direct messages (you used to need to be following them first). Facebook, meanwhile, has added the ability to edit posts. Google+ is also creeping into other Google properties, requiring the use of real names in comments and posts.

So what do these changes mean for bloggers? Will they need to change their social media tactics to benefit from these newest steps? Let’s look at each platform and examine how a blogger’s day-to-day might change.


First, the addition of Scheduled Tweets to Twitter will simply make it easier to schedule Tweets concerning articles and webcasts for those who already do so via HootSuite. For those who haven’t been using HootSuite, of course, this can be a golden opportunity to begin scheduling Tweets to increase their blog’s visibility. Take care when scheduling Tweets, however- if you make a blunder or Tweet in poor context, you’ll find yourself under fire faster than you can delete the offending message.

Guest posting has become important for both marketers and for bloggers. The influx of fresh content, sometimes quality and sometimes not, is a good way to make sure that your blog is always up-to-date. Twitter’s move to optionally allow followers to be able to direct message you could be a godsend for bloggers who want to encourage easily filtered guest post offers, especially around the holidays when time to post is scarce. This new feature, paired with an announcement on your contact page, could make for very easy perusing of guest post ideas- all people must do to pitch is follow you and send a direct message to you with a short pitch and their email.


Obviously, the ability to edit statuses will cause a good amount of havoc. Once a post has been changed, any replies to it won’t make sense anymore. However, bloggers can use this ability to their benefit. This is good for bloggers because nothing hurts traffic worse than misinformation. Adding hashtags or adding a note about a significant reblog or comment can also increase your traffic without needing to make a new post altogether.

Also, if you’re posting a snippet of an article onto your Facebook page to increase prominence, it’s comforting to know that you can edit that snippet if you need to improve the grammar or change the URL. Especially if you need to change something for accuracy in an article, it’s important to be able to edit your Facebook post as easily as you can edit the article, itself.

Google+ and YouTube

Also in the social media news, there has been much nay saying concerning Google’s ambition to connect all of its services and force users to post everything under their real name, notably YouTube comments. Google has been trying to boost its social media platform, Google+, to little success in the past 2 years. The incorporation of YouTube into this network is a calculated way of ensuring that Google+ gets traffic and becomes more heavily used.

For the average person, this is not a welcome change. For the blogger, however, this can be exceedingly useful. Your most valuable asset when blogging is your reputation and especially your name. Having your name attached to your activities should be a positive when trying to gain traffic to your site. The downside might be a loss of privacy and a need to take more care in what you post. But as successful bloggers are people who manage their online reputations fastidiously, these things shouldn’t be intimidating.

The bottom line is that social media is evolving in ways that benefit bloggers. That is, if you’re willing to put in just a little extra effort.

AuthorBy Guest Author - Ben Taylor is a social media studying, coffee drinking, hat wearing child of the digital age. He currently writes for social media optimization company, Eloqua.

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SEO and Social Media – Is this a Winning Strategy?


Guest Post - Our host is Ian Mason, Ian looks at Social Medaia and SEO as a strategy for Bloggers.See How To Become a guest author on Spice Up Your Blog.

A recent article published in The Guardian raises some notable issues related to the changing face of the search engine optimization (SEO) industry and the increasing weight given to social media promotions with start-ups and businesses.

Is SEO Irrelevant?

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