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Christmas Decoration Social Bookmarking Gadget For Blogger Blogs


In the past I have written a few tutorials on different styles of the share this social bookmark egg.Today just in time for Christmas I have a Christmas version.A cool Christmas ornament sits on the corner of your blog with social bookmarking options for readers.On hover the ornament slides open with share buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Email and the ShareThis button that offers even more options.Check out the demo below :

View Demo Button

OK if that's something you want to greet your visitors this Christmas heres the tutorial.

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Cool New Christmas Snow Storm Effect For Blogger Blogs


Snow Storm Effect BloggerOver the last few years I have tried to help you get your blogs into the Christmas spirit with some neat Christmas themed gadgets.The most popular and simple of these have been the Snow Fall effects we have published.Some code added to your blog can transform the look of your site as over the Christmas period visitors are greeted with snow falling gently down the page.

This year is no different as I have a new Christmas snow effect but this time it's a snow storm with the direction of the snow fall dictated by your cursor movements.Check out the demo below then you can add it to your blog using our one click Blogger button.

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Stylish Subscribe Icons Widget For Blogger And WordPress


subscribe icons widget wordpress bloggerI seem to have published a lot of subscription gadgets on Spice Up Your Blog over the years.To be honest recently I have tried to take a break from such posts.But readers should have a say and that's why I find myself publishing this post.I had come up with a version of a Subscribe Icons gadget I had seen on a lot of sites.Because of my self imposed break from publishing such tutorials I decided to add the code into jsFiddle and send out a Tweet and add it to our FaceBook page so followers could grab it.Since then I have got a lot of requests from people who don't quite understand how to transfer the code on jsFiddle to their blogs.

So in this post I will show in easy steps how to add the subscribe widget to your blog.What is unique about this widget ? I like the icon design with the 'Speech bubble' type style, we also have the name of each service below and finally an opacity hover effect.

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A Lightweight Pop Up Style Survey For All Blogs


Survey Green Tick IconSomething I have been seeing a lot on blogs and websites is the pop up survey from Qualaroo.It's actually a neat way to run a survey on your blog, it sits in the corner of the page big enough to grab the attention of the reader but not so big as to block content.It also has a close option so if readers are not interested they can get rid of it.

The default survey is set to ask readers how they found your site but there are a number of set surveys and you can create your own with any questions you want.You then have an account dashboard you access to view the stats and results.I added a version to this test blog on blogger so you can see it in action.

The survey can be easily added to Blogger, Wordpress (self hosted only), Tumblr and TypePad blogs and below I have links to tutorials for each.

pop up survey screenshot

Add The Survey To Your Blog

First you need to set up your survey and get the code here is a link to Qualaroo to do just that.

Once you have the code Qualaroo have tutorials for each blogs platform :

Add To Blogger
Plugin For WordPress
Add To Tumblr
Add To TypePad

What do you think, will you use it ?

Drop Your Comments And Questions Below.
AuthorAuthor - Paul Crowe is the owner and main author of Spice Up Your Blog.Paul lives in Ireland, has been blogging since 2006 and writing Spice Up Your Blog since 2009.You can find him in the usual social networks.

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Neat Triangle Design Social And Rss Icon Gadget For Blogger And Wordpress


Triangle Social Icons GadgetI know we all like to have a unique look to our blogs and some unique icons to display our social profiles and feeds.So here I have a Subscribe and Follow section for your blog using a neat set of triangle social icons.You can add the icons with links to your feed and profiles to your sidebar on Blogger and Wordpress.

The icons are from Design Cauldron and look fantastic,Included in the gadget we have the code for are icons for your Rss Feed, Email Feed, Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest And YouTube.You can easily remove any of the icons if your not on one or more of the sites.

Below you can see the icons (All connected to our profiles so you can use them to connect with Spice Up Your Blog if your not already), further below that you can follow the link to see them live on a demo blog.

IconIconIconIconFollow Me on PinterestFollow Me on Pinterest

View Demo Button

Add Trinagnle Social Icons Gadget To Your Blog

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Animated Sassy Social Bookmark Gadget For Blogger


Animated Sassy Bookmarks Widget For Blogger Blogs
I know how much you all like social bookmarking gadgets and widgets especially unique gadgets that can catch the eye of readers and get them bookmarking your blog.Today I have a very cool social bookmarking gadget with a stylish animated effect.With the Sassy bookmarks gadget a basic share button is placed in the corner of your blog, then on hover 6 icons for the main social bookmarking websites appear in a semicircle.The buttons that appear are for Pinterest, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Email.Below we have a live demo then check out the tutorial to add the Sassy Bookmarks to Blogger.

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Add The Animated Sassy Bookmarking Gadget To Your Blog

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A Complete Flag Translate Gadget For Blogger And Wordpress


Flags Translate Screenshot
Your blog is open to readers from all corners of the world so for many it is important to offer content in the Language of the reader.Making your blog easy to translate is a great way to accommodate a global audience.There are a number of options when it comes to translation widgets and in this post we have an extensive Flag gadget.This gadget was created by Chuck at the real Blogger status and includes flags for 54 different country's or languages.This Flag translate gadget will fit nicely in your blogs sidebar ready for readers to click their flag view your content in their language.

Take a look at the demo below :

View Demo Button

We have an quick and easy Add To Blogger button for Blogger users and the code is provided for Wordpress and other blog users.

Add The Complete Flag Translate Widget To Your Blog

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Blogger jQuery Scrolling Social Bookmarking Bar On Posts


Bookmark Bar Blogger Screenshot
The most requested tutorial over the last few months has been for the scrolling share buttons that sit alongside posts and scroll down the page with the reader.This gadget is popular on all the top blogs and really does help increase the number of times your posts get shared on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks.Using jQuery we attach a bar to the side of your blog posts with bookmarking buttons, as the page scrolls the bar neatly follows giving readers the option to share at any time.The gadget I have been using for the past few months and I share with you today has the following options : Twitter Share, Facebook Like, Stumble Upon, Google+, Pinterest Pin It and a Rss Feed Icon.Wordpress users can try out the Wordpress Share Bar listed in this post.

Video Tutorial - For extra help at the end of the post I have a video tutorial displaying the steps.

At the moment this gadget is in use here so you should be able to see it, you can also see another demo below.

View Demo Button

As this is an advanced gadget there are 9 steps to add it to your blog so more than ever its important to back up your template first in case of mistakes, then take your time and you should have no problems.

Add The Sticky Scroll Bar To Blogger

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Vintage Style Rss Subscribe And Social Follow Icons Gadget For Blogger And Wordpress


Vintage Social And Rss Icons Logo
I recently came across a set of icons i thought would be perfect for a Subscribe and Follow section on blogs.The icons have a vintage design and we have icons that will link to your Rss Feed, Email Rss Feed, Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus.Just for a little extra style i added a very simple opacity effect on hover.You can download the full set of Vintage Social Icons if you would like to add more profiles.

For Blogger i have a Easy One Click add to blog link and Wordpress users can simply add the code to a text widget on their sidebar.Take a look at the demo below.

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Mashable Like Subscribe And Follow Sidebar Gadget For Blogger


Mashable style subscription gadget for blogger blogs
There was a time if you wanted to follow updates from your favorite blogs the only options you had were to bookmark or remember the URL and keep checking back or use the basic web feed if available.Now as a blogger it's expected to give subscription options such as Rss Feed, Email Feed and Social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google +.Its been proven the most effective position for your subscription options is at the top of your blogs sidebar, this is above the fold and instantly visible to readers.

So in this post we have a subscription gadget with all the most popular subscribe and follow options you can easily place in your Blogger sidebar.The gadget is in the same style as popular tech blog Mashable and includes options for Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Rss and Email Rss.You also have the option to add bookmarking options for 16 of the top social bookmarking websites.Take a look at the demo below then see the instructions to add it to your blog.

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Cool Fixed Position Slide Open Egg Social Bookmarking Gadget For Blogger


A few weeks ago i published "Add An Awesome Fixed Position Slide Open Heart Bookmarking Gadget To Blogger".In this post we have the same social bookmarking gadget but this time it will not be shaped as a heart but instead an ovel egg shape.The share egg sits in the bottom corner of your blog and remains fixed as the reader scrolls the page.On hover the egg slides open to reveal bookmarking buttons for your readers to share posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Blogger, LinkedIn, Stumble Upon, Email and the Share This Icon Offers hundreds more bookmarking choices.This is a great gadget to get the attention of your readers and have them bookmarking your posts.I have the tutorial to add the gadget to your Blogger blog below but first check out the screenshot and live demo.

Share Bookmarking Gadget Blogger

View Demo Button

Add The Share This Egg To Your Blog

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Add An Awesome Fixed Position Slide Open Heart Bookmarking Gadget To Blogger


Blogger Bookmarking Gadget
In this post i want to show you a cool new way to have visitors sharing your blog posts.Share This has always been my Bookmark tool of choice and recently they added a cool new interactive Bookmarking gadget.The gadget in question is a love heart with the share this logo and on hover the heart splits to reveal a selection of bookmarking buttons.It looks awesome and the slide effect is very cool while still being practical.When the heart opens it reveals icons for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Stumble Upon, Email and the Share This Icon Offers hundreds more bookmarking choices.I think this gadget fixed in the corner of the page on your blog will grab the attention of visitors and generate lots more shares.So below is a tutorial showing you just how to do that, first check out the live demo.

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Add The Split Heart Bookmarking Gadget Top Your Blog

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Add Stylish jQuery Text Resize Buttons To Posts On Blogger Blogs


I have had a few requests for a tutorial on adding text re size buttons to posts on Blogger.Back in 2009 i published a gadget that allowed visitors to change all the text size and fonts on your blog including headings, sidebar text and post text.But this time i wanted a gadget that onlu changed the text in the posts.I checked out a number of scripts and styles before settling on the one i have for you today.Using some simple jQuery and some colorful icons in a table we can create a stylish text resize section and float them on the corner of posts.The gadget has three buttons to increase text size, decrease text size and a reset button along with the standard text resize icon.

Take a look at the demo below :

View Demo Button

Add Colorful Text Resize Gadget To Blogger Posts

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Add Animated Rainbow Changing Colors To The Links On Blogger


In this post i have a neat effect for the links on your blog.Using some javascript you can make the links on your blog change through different colors when the cursor is hovered over them.The effect comes from Dynamic Drive and we have a one click button to add it to your blog in seconds.Check out the demo below, simply hover your cursor over the post titles or any of the links on the demo blog.

View Demo Button

Add Rainbow Links To Your Blog

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Shareaholic jQuery Slide Bookmarking Gadget With Tooltips And Counters For Blogger And Wordpress


jQuery Bookmarking Social Gadget With Tooltips And Counters For Blogger
Over the years on Spice Up Your Blog i have found Social Bookmarking gadgets to be amongst the most popular posts.Whats more the most popular Bookmarking gadgets have been from the "Sharing Is Sexy" series.Back in May 2011 we published a post with The Awesome Complete Animated Sexy Social Bookmarks V3 For Blogger, that post really did cover all options.Today i want to give you something similar but with some cool extras.The Shareaholic bookmarking widget still has the "Drop Down" and "Slide Up" features but also features tool tips and counters showing how many times your posts were shared.Take a look at the demo and screenshot below (for the demo scroll to the foot of the post on the test blog).

View Demo Button

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One Time Facebook Pop Up Like Box For Blogger


Last September i published a post showing How to add a one time Email Rss subscription pop up on Blogger.Since then i have had a number of requests for a similar gadget but with a Facebook page like box instead of the Email form.So in this post we have just that.When a visitor lands on your blog a pop up box will appear with the option to like your Facebook page.The gadget will only appear on the first visit so your readers or you wont have to see it every time.

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Add A Transparent Notification Bar To Your Blog


Add The Transparent Notification Bar To Blogger
Guest Post By Pushker Yadav.

Hello Friends! First i want to pay thanks to the Admin of this blog who give me a chance to share something with you. This is my first Guest post on Spice Up Your Blog.Many Popular blogs use a notification bar to show a News feed and latest content because it attracts your visitors attention.You can add a link to a featured post, your Rss feed, social profile or an affiliate offer.So here I will show you how to add an awesome notification bar with close button.Its very simple and looks very cool.You can use it on a blogger blog and wordpress blog or even in your websites.

View Demo Button

Add The Transparent Notification Bar To Blogger

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How To Introduce A Free Loyalty Program On Your Blog


Loyal readers form the backbone of a blog. Making that loyalty a rewarding experience can do wonders to your blog's reputation as well as its traffic. The first thoughts about these so called "Loyalty Program" might be about their hefty costs but here PunchTab comes into the picture. It provides free loyalty programs

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New Wordpress Style Recommended Or Related Posts Slide Out Gadget For Blogger


In this post i have an awesome new gadget you may have seen on Wordpress blogs that's now available for Blogger.The gadget is called simply "The Slide" and is brought to you by Simple Reach.Those of you that follow some Wordpress blogs will surly have seen the recommended or related posts slide out that appears when you scroll towards the end of a post.Basically when you reach the bottom of a post a card slides out in the bottom right corner of the screen with a related post the reader can click on.The slide out card is not obtrusive and if the reader scrolls back up the card slides back in.This is a great way to keep readers on your blog browsing through your archive, we know this leads to more return visitors and subscribers.

OK enough talk lets see it in action, i have added The Slide to our Social Icon site so you can check it out there.Follow the link to the site below, click on any of the posts, scroll down the page and you will see the recommended post slide out.Then check out the video and steps below the add the slide to your blog.

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Updated Snow Fall Effects, Merry Christmas Banner And Christmas Theme Templates For Blogger


christmas effects bloggerIn the build up the Christmas over the last few years i have published some seasonal posts with gadgets and widgets to add some Christmas cheer to your blog.These posts have proven very popular, the first snow fall effect for Blogger i published when Spice Up Your Blog was only a few months old in 2009 brought in a lot of new readers.So over the last week i have been working on updating the posts, the script for one of the posts "10 Falling Christmas Objects" had stopped working.I have changed that post completely and it's working fine now.Along with that post we have two other posts with snow fall effects, a stylish Merry Christmas banner that sits in the top corner of your blog and a a collection of Christmas templates on our templates site.

List Of Christmas Gadgets And Tutorials

1. Original Christmas Snow Fall Effect For Blogger.

2. Colored Christmas Snow Fall Effect For Blogger.

3. 10 Different Falling Christmas Objects For Blogger.

4. Stylish Fixed Corner Merry Christmas Banner For Blogger.

5. Christmas Theme Free Blogger Templates.

Hope you find them useful and an early Merry Christmas from Spice Up Your Blog.

Drop Your Comments And Questions Below.

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