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Remove The Template View Menu Options When Using Dynamic Views On Blogger


Round simple blogger logo orangeDynamic Views (DV) templates have become a popular choice with some Blogger users.When you choose dynamic views you select a default template which readers will see when they land on your blog.But in a menu under the header readers have the option to view your blog using any of the other six DV templates.So basically you are giving the readers the choice on how they want to view your blog.But this does not suit everybody, I have recently received a few emails asking is there a way to remove the choose template options on Dynamic Views.Chuck at The Real Blogger Status has also seen some enquiry's about this in the Blogger Help Forum.So, can you remove the options for readers to choose the template ? Yes, and with credit to Southern Speakers and here is how.

Remove The Template View Options On Dynamic Views

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How To Display AdSense When Using Blogger Dynamic Views Templates


A question I was asked on the post "Always Display The Sidebar On Blogger Dynamic Views Templates" is "Can we have AdSense on Dynamic Views Templates".I had a quick look into it and the answer is yes.So in this post I will show you the steps involved to put AdSense on Blogger Dynamic Views.

Now as far as I can see the AdSense units used are all 768x90 and 120x600.They are displayed between posts, below posts and beside posts.For the classic and sidebar templates Units are on the home page and posts for all other Dynamic templates units are on posts.In fact the AdSense set up on posts, 120x600 unit on the right with 768x90 below posts is great (See Image Below).OK so I have the steps added to a video and in text.

How To Add AdSense To Dynamic Views Templates

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Always Display The Sidebar On Blogger Dynamic Views Templates


Blogger Dynamic Views LogoSince Blogger launched the Dynamic Views templates I have been asked a lot of questions about making changes to the design on them.The truth is there is only so much you can do to Dynamic Views (DV) templates, personally I'm not a fan but I can see the advantages for say personal bloggers who want a stylish easy to keep blog.One question I was asked recently was "Is there a way to have the Dynamic Views sidebar always showing ?".

I looked into this as on blogs I read using the DV templates as you scroll the browser scroll bar and the blog sidebar can get in each others way.Anyway I have a way for you to make the sidebar always be fixed in the out position.To do this we use the same Css as we used in previous posts to; for example having Bookmarking buttons in a fixed position on pages.

The tutorial is below but first you can see a demo of a DV template, notice the sidebar stays open :

View Demo Button

Set Sidebar On Dynamic Views Templates To Always Show

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