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Blogging Trends and Predictions for 2014


Guest Post - Our host is Bernadette Silver, we are all excited going into a new year of blogging but what can we look forward to in 2014 ? Bernadette gives us her predictions for the next 12 months.See How To Become a guest author on Spice Up Your Blog.

It's that time of the year when all bloggers look back and reflect the rights and wrongs of the blogosphere, and see what might've been done to correct some mistakes we made. It's also time to look ahead towards the new year and predict what's going to happen in our own little big world of blogging:

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Latest Google Page Rank Update August 2012


Page Rank LogoI know you all keep a close eye on the page rank for your blogs, I have to admit I also look out for it.Google usually update toolbar page rank four times a year so around every three months.Well today we we have noticed a Major page rank update taking place.A number of my sites have seen a page rank change, at the time of writing Spice Up Your Blog is holding steady with a page rank of 5.You can quickly check the page rank of your blog to see if there was any change using our free page rank checker tool. :

Google Page Rank Tool

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Blogger Now Allow You To Choose The Permalink For Your Blog Posts


Blogger blueprint iconA few weeks back Blogger added a permalink feature to Blogger In Draft, Blogger In Draft is like a separate dashboard they use to test new features.You may have seen some Blogger related sites write about the permalink feature at the time.I held off covering the topic until the permalnk feature was added to the main dashboard.OK, If your thinking 'Test Dashboard' and 'Main Dashboard' what's he talking about, don't worry that's not important.The main point is every blogger user can now choose the URL for their posts.This leads to the next question 'What Is A Permalink?'.

What Is A Permalink

Every post you publish on Blogger has it's own URL or address.Until now this URL was automatically generated.Now however Blogger have giving the you the option to actually choose the URL that will be generated for your posts.

Why Use A Permalink

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New Google +1 Button And Google+ Badge For Blogger


Google Plus Logo Icon
Blogger today added two new options to the gadget gallery, the gadget gallery is a collection of gadgets you can add to your blog via the "Add A Gadget" option on your blog layout page.The two new options are for the new Google +, Firstly a Google +1 button for readers to recommend your blog, and secondly a Google + badge for readers to follow your Google+ updates.

Imagine being able to share your blog with like-minded people across the web. Today we’ve made doing that easier with the introduction of two Google+ gadgets, the +1 button and Google+ Badge.Unlike the +1 button that can appear below a post, this gadget is specific to your blog. Displaying it on your blog will allow visitors to endorse your blog and share it with their friends.

Google+ gadgets for Blogger

As stated above you can add these new gadgets to your blogs sidebar, footer or anywhere that accepts gadget.Simply go to your blog layout page, click Add A Gadget and choose the gadget you want.For the +1 button you have options for the style while to add the Google Plus badge you will need your profile or page ID (A link to instructions is provided).

Have you added Spice Up Your Blog to your circles, also check out the official Blogger post here.

Drop your comments and questions below.

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From April 1st The New Blogger Dashboard Will Become Default


New Blogger Interface Design
When checking back i was very surprised to see it was almost a year ago since Blogger introduced the new design on Blogger In Draft.April 20th 2011 to be exact as i explained in the post The New Blogger Dashboard And Design Is Live.After a few months in draft Blogger offered the option to use the new interface on the main blogger site.While some people took up the option and have become familiar with it, many including myself have continued to use the old dashboard.On the first of April however the new design will become default and we will all be using the new GUI.Over the last week I have been trying to familiarize myself with the layout and options of the new interface and it ain't been easy.

One of my main worries however is that hundreds of Blogger tutorials here on Spice Up Your Blog were wrote with instructions for the old dashboard.I have decided to edit all those posts over the next week and all future Blogger tutorials will be aimed at the new design.

On their part the Blogger team are constantly tweaking the new design and a send feedback link is placed in the bottom right of the page for your suggestions.If you remember when Facebook and Twitter changed their designs users were not happy but eventually seen the advantages I think it will be the same in this case.So whats your opinion and what changes would you like to see ?

Drop Your Comments And Questions Below.

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Blogger Introduce Great New SEO Options


Blogger SEO
Blogger have upped the game in regards to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) by introducing a number of options to make Blogger hosted blogs perform better in search results.The big changes include the option to easily add a blog description that search engines will crawl allowing you to tell them what your blog is about, even better is the option to add a short description to each individual post.Adding tags to your images has been made easier so they will perform better in search results and there is also a few more complicated options.

Blogger now provides web savvy users with the option to manage search engine preferences. SEO -- an acronym for Search Engine Optimization -- helps increase traffic to your blog and connect your content with the intended audience. For more background on SEO, read through this article in the Webmasters Help Center, and be sure check out their SEO Starter Guide (pdf).

Here is a run down of all the new SEO features

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Blogger Dynamic Views Templates Now Have Docked Slide Out Sidebar Gadgets


Blogger Retro Green Logo
Blogger launched Dynamic Views templates in March last year.Dynamic Views work great on some blogs but they are not for everyone, one of the features lacking was a sidebar for gadgets.Today Blogger have gone some way towards fixing this with a slide out sidebar.The sidebar is docked on the side of the page and appears on hover.Not all gadgets can be added, at the moment gadgets supported in Dynamic Views include: Blog Archive, Followers, Labels, Profile, Subscribe (a new gadget - automatically present if either Follow By Email or Subscription installed), and Link List. These gadgets make it easier for your readers to navigate your blog (archive, labels), and to follow it (followers and RSS).

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Latest Google Page Rank Update Underway Feburary 2012


I know all bloggers and webmasters keep an eye on their sites Google Page Rank.In short Page Rank is an indication of how Google rank your site in a scale from 1 to 10.Check out a previous post with more on Google Page Rank.We have been expecting a Page Rank update by the end of January start of February and i can confirm today that update has started.This site has seen a page rank increase from 4/10 to 5/10, i know this only happened today from a stats on our BuySellAds.

How To Check Your Blogs Page Rank

If you have the Google Toolbar Installed you will see the little green bar with the current page Page Rank.Other wise use our Free Google Page Rank Checker Tool right here on Spice Up Your Blog.

Hope you got a Page Rank Increase, Let Us Know In The Comments !

Drop Your Comments And Questions Below.

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How To Add The New Reply Button To Blogger Comments With Threaded Replies


Blogger Comment Logo Gold
One of the most popular posts on Spice Up Your Blog over the last few years has been "How to add comment replies to your blog".While that tutorial was a valid option to allow readers to reply to comments it did not place the reply to each comment in a threaded fashion.In fact many of the comments on that post asked was it possible to have the reply placed under the original comment.After so many many requests the Blogger Team have taken note and today Threaded comment replies are now available on Blogger.You can see on our comment form below comment have a reply button and the replies are placed below the original comment.

How to activate comment replies on Blogger

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New Features And Updates For Blogger


Over the last few weeks the Blogger team have been busy with some new updates and changes to existing features.

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