Spice Up Your Blog Demonstration Page

Here Is A List of demonstrations on this page with the link back to the tutorial :

How To Add A Scrolling Recent Posts Gadget To Your Blog

You Can See The Recent Posts Scrolling Above.

Change The Blogger Navbar To Hover Effect / Peek A Boo Effect

Hover Your Cursor Over The Navbar Area To See The Navbar Appear.

Allow Visitors Change The Text Size And Font Of Your Blog Posts

You can test the gadgat in the left sidebar.

With this widget you give the visitors to your blog control over how they want to view it.

Put A Google Custom Search Box In Your Blogs Header Section

You Can See The Search Box In The Header Section Above.

Add a fixed floating image to your blog


You Can See The image in the top left corner.The image may change but you get the point 😀

How To Place Adsense Ads Inside Your Blogger Header Section

You Can See The adsense unit in the header section of the blog

How To Add Your Recent Youtube Video List To Your Blog

You Can See The list of ESPN’s recent Youtube videos in the sidebar.

Add A Handwriting Font To Your Blogger In Two Minutes

To can see the Aircut Light fon used in the :Blog title, Post title, Post date, Sidebar titles.

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Paul Crowe