Top 5 Backlinks Checker Tools For Your Blogs


Guest Post - Our host is Gagan Masoun, here he has a collection of tools to keep an eye on the links your blog is receiving.See How To Become a guest author on Spice Up Your Blog.

Google will penalize all sites making backlinks with black hat techniques. So, always create backlinks with good methods mainly posting great content people will naturally link to.But you can boost your links with white hat methods like: blog comments, guest blogging, forum posting etc. They are most important factors in determining your blog’s page ranks. There are two type of backlinks; Do follow and No follow. Today, in this post we will provide you information about "Top 5 Backlinks Checker Tools for Your Blogs". 

Backlinks Checker Tools

1. Bing Webmasters Tools

You can use Bing Webmaster Tools to check backlinks for your blog or website free. Follow given steps to learn How to use Bing webmaster tools:
  • Go to Bing WM Tools account;
  • Validate your blog by Placing BingSiteAuth.XML file to your account or Copy and paste a meta tag into your blog’s main Index folder.
  • Its all done, now you can check backlinks free.
2. Backlink Watch

This is another free tool here. Backlink Watch is a simple and great tool, and it will enable you to look up to 1K backlinks for any URL along with the following details;
  • Search SEO Issues;
  • External Backlinks;
  • Referring Domains;
  • Outbound Links (OBL);
  • Anchor Text.
  • Nofollow or Dofollow Indication

3. Open Site Explorer

Open site explorer is a property of SEOmoz. After the RIP of Yahoo Site Explorer SEOmoz developed OSE tool in 2010. You can see the following metrics:

  • Domain Authority
  • Page Authority
  • Linking Root Domains
  • Total Links
  • Facebook Shares
  • Facebook Likes
  • Tweets
  • Google +1s

4. Alexa

Alexa is my favorite tool to check my blog's backlinks. Alexa provides information about websites including statistics, Related Links, Online Reviews, Contact Information and much more. By Entering any URL in search query box you can seek all these details.

5. Link Diagnosis

This is a last tool in our list. Go to Link Diagnosis tool and just type your blog’s URL (ex: and click the start button to get the report for related backlinks.

You will see following details:

  • Total backlinks
  • Unique anchor texts
  • Pages indexed
Besides increasing quantity of backlinks it is better to create only quality backlinks. Which is your favorite tool ? Give your views via comments below. Also share this post with your friends. Stay Blessed :)

AuthorBy Guest Author -  is a passionate blogger who enjoys writing articles on Technology, Make Money Online and Blogging niche. He is the owner of Blogs Daddy Blog. You can also follow him on twitter @BlogsDaddy and Google+.

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  4. good information but now a days alexa does not show backlinks just the counts of backlinks but the other tools that you mentioned are good to monitor the backlinks.

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