5 Interesting Misconceptions Of Blogging

Posted : Saturday, February 23, 2013 | Post Author : Paul Crowe | 11 comments

Blog LogoMany people now are starting to create their own blogs for different reasons such as to release stress, to live their passion for writing, to market their business, to connect to more people, and so on. Sometimes we get too paranoid on thinking that nobody reads our blog.

A little bird has told us that longer articles are better—these are favored by search engines and readers will perceive the post author to be an expert for writing such a lengthy explanation of a simple idea. To make the article long, bloggers would write flowery words and go in circles. This is one misconception in blogging. In this article, we will talk about further on this and the major misconceptions with blogging.

1. Blogging is equivalent to easy money.

Some bloggers are compelled to write only for the sake of growing some income out of sponsored reviews, ads and other rick-quick schemes. Their minds are too occupied in thinking that they can pattern their writing habits on people who have made it to the top and became rich because of blogging. What they failed to realize is that these people took real patience and made large investments on efforts to discover the elements on how to be successful bloggers. To blog is not to get money out of a dispensing vendo machine. In truth, it takes a lot of time to get everything right. Novice bloggers should realize that they should not hurry as it won’t do any good for them.

2. Lengthy Content = Admirable Content.

Just like what has been mentioned above, this misconception has been thrown like a snowball to many bloggers out there. Sure, a post that is composed with less than 300 words would not be noticeable in search engines. But this does not mean that lengthy articles equate to quality content that many readers would be hooked up to. In contrast, quality content is made when the topic is interesting for the audience and when the thought is original.

3. Various Topics > One Niche

If you think that by showcasing various topics in your blog you will be successful, think again. One big mistake that new bloggers have not learned to avoid is to write whatever they feel they want to share. But the right thing to do is to plan ahead and visualize what you want your blog to be known for. It can be fashion, food, entertainment, technology, etc. Just pick one for each blog!

4. Posting Every Day = Success

If you have all the time in the world to publish one post per day, then it’s okay. But don’t force it if you can’t. The proper way to do it is to post regularly. Have a schedule of your posts so that search engines would know when the best timing is for them to let their spiders crawl to your site. As well, your audience will be anticipating your post in the same timing (for instance, every Monday).

5. Post and It’s Done

After publishing a post, the next step is to share and build links for that article. Blogging never stops only at writing what you know but connecting with other people and your readers. Encourage them to comment and recommend the post to their network. Do not underestimate the power of social media. It’s good to have social media sharing buttons in your blog.

The web is a sea of content, and there are a great number of articles with repeated topics leading to the same conclusions. Authors then should find a way to write original explanations targeted toward answering the concerns of readers. Learn from these misconceptions and good luck to your goal of being a successful blogger!

AuthorBy Guest Author – Pam Fat is a content writer of Advice How. She’s known for being a techy person, and photojournalist. She loves to travel during spare time.



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