The Four P’s To Blogging Success


Green Success Arrow SignGuest Post – Our host is Heather Smith, in this post Heather has four success tips for your blog.See How To Become a guest author on Spice Up Your Blog.

Whether you are blogging personally or for a paycheck there are 4 p’s that you should not pass over. These 4 p’s are have the potential to be positively picture-perfect for your blogging. These aren’t meant to puzzle you but help you partake in perfecting your blogging. So pencil down these notes and prepare:

Presence: Having a powerful online presence is what can make you or break you in the blog world. Your goal is to keep your online presence connected and well written. Make sure that your posts are informative, easy to read and well written.Once you have perfected the substance of your blog, link all your social media accounts together. You can link Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter all together for a well-rounded and solid presence.

Pictures: Always, always post photos and pictures of some sort. Adding images such as cartoons, personal photos, graphs, charts, movie clips is an excellent away to entertain and keep your readers interested and coming back for more. Remember to protect yourself and always credit the photo source when due. You can get into a lot of trouble if you forget to give the proper credit.

Posting: Post weekly, if not daily. It’s understandable that you are not able to blog that often. If it’s a personal blog, how often you blog will not affect you directly if you blog for a business. Business owners who blog should, blog several times a week for it to be considered successful. Make sure your content is fresh, fun and full of new information.

People: Remember that saying your mother told you growing up? Treat others as those you want to be treated? Your readers are the most important people on your blog and you want to please them. Yes, be a people pleaser. If your readers comment, notice them and comment back. Too many bloggers leave their readers in the cold. Responding and interacting with your readers will keep them engaged and wanting more.

Peter piper picked a pickled…pepper…picker…whatever. You get the idea. Just mind your P’s when it comes to blogging!

guest blog postBy Guest Author – Heather Smith is an ex-nanny. Passionate about thought leadership and writing, Heather regularly contributes to various career, social media, public relations, branding, and parenting blogs/websites. She also provides value to become a nanny by giving advice on site design as well as the features and functionality to provide more and more value to nannies and families across the U.S. and Canada. She can be available at H.smith7295 [at]


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    Loved this! The use of so many “p’s” had me very amused! Great advice, thanks for sharing!


  2. Great post. With us beginner bloggers is it a must to check out new advice and follow those that are really good.
    This in fact are part of those that are really good. I like the Picture P. That 1 is true, besides who will read a post that is dull?


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