How To Write Posts Effectively When Covering A Boring Topic

Posted : Friday, April 13, 2012 |  Post Author : Paul Crowe | 4 comments

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When writing a post, a good rule of thumb is “if it is boring and dull to you, it will be the same for your reader.” The obvious reason is because the topic is, most likely, just plain uninspiring to write about. But another reason your readers are at risk of losing interest is because your disinterest will show through in your writing.

If you’ve been writing wonderful, engaging posts about redecorating your home on a budget and giving it a complete makeover, but your readers also need information on how to clean all of the windows in the home, you need to still keep them inspired. But cleaning glass is one of the least inspiring topics to write about – so what do you do?

Don’t despair because these 5 tips will help you through the most boring of topics, keeping your loyal fans coming back for more:

Tip One – Share A Personal Story

One way to attract and keep interest in a dull topic is to start out with a bang by sharing a personal story most people can visualize and relate to. You can even have a cliffhanger and have them wait until the end for the conclusion of your personal tale.

With the window cleaning example, you can begin with reminiscing about visiting your grandmother as a young child and how you always thought it was Easter, because the house smelled like vinegar. Grandma only used vinegar for window washing, etc…

Tip Two – Add Pictures When Possible

Readers instantly connect with a speaker when they get a peek inside of their world. Have someone take photos of you cleaning your windows. You could even do a step by step, showing you removing storm windows, vacuuming the tracks, cleaning and reinstalling them.

Tip Three – Always Add Humor

There are very few topics you could write about where at least a touch of humor wouldn’t be appropriate. Of course, keep it clean and light, making sure not to offend anyone. Personal humor is best because it not only engages readers by letting them get to know you better, they also are inclined to keep reading because your “boring” post is actually very entertaining!

Back to our window cleaning example, you could make a joke about how sad you are that you were able to clean your windows to absolute sparkling perfection, because now you can see your facial wrinkles in your reflection.

Tip Four – Give Shocking Statistics Or Interesting Facts

On almost any subject matter, if you do your research, you can find something that grabs attention. It doesn’t have to be exactly about the topic, either. Sticking with our window theme, you can talk about how glass is made or (and this is made up) “did you know that 1 roll of paper towels, if unrolled end to end, takes up two city blocks?”

If you just can’t find something interesting, a good place to look is for anything historical in nature, such as when homes first started using glass windows, what our ancestors did prior to that time, the history of Windex, etc.

Tip Five – An Engaging Title

Saving the best for last, without an engaging title your readers might not even get to the introductory paragraph. If you’ve followed the other tips and have an exciting, engaging post about window cleaning, your work will be in vain if your title is “how to clean windows.”

Instead, grab attention with a title that is clear, explaining what a reader will get from your post, while showing personality and enthusiasm. With window cleaning, what could be better than (are you ready?) “Easy Window Cleaning – It Doesn’t Have To Be A Pane In The Glass Anymore!”

guest blog postBy Guest Author – Grace Pamer is a work from home mom and the author of, one woman’s on going quest to get her husband to write love letters for her!


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