An Updated Look At Do-Follow And No-Follow Comments


In January 2010 i published what has become the most popular Search Engine Optimization (SEO) posts on Spice Up Your Blog (SUYB).The post titled 'Building Backlinks, Do-Follow Comments And Information To Increase Google Search Rank And Page Rank' has consistently been in the top 10 in terms of views and to date has 117 comments.I guess the reason it has been so popular is it covers a number of topics related to improving your blogs performance in search, especially Google.The original intention of the post was to explain Do-Follow comments, what they are and how they work.I wont explain the whole do-follow process again you can check out the post linked above for more on the subject.

To explain Do-Follow i ended up covering why Back Links are so important and the whole Back Link process.The points covered in the post are still valid and i stand behind the information but in the 19 months since published some of my personal opinions have changed.In this post i want to explain how my opinions especially of Do-Follow comments have changed.

To Follow Or Not To Follow

At the time of writing that post Spice Up Your Blog had Do-Follow comments.I have since switched the comments back to no-follow in an effort to reduce spam which was getting out of control.I said in the post i thought Do-Follow comments would help build a community.While i still think this is valid for a new blog or growing blog once you blog is established it becomes less feasible.

At the moment i receive about 10-20 spam comments every day along with 20-30 valid comments.If the SUYB comments were still do-follow the spam number could grow towards 100 daily.I simply don't have the time to sort through this and that is the reason i switched back to no-follow.If you think this is a bit of an exaggeration check out the article by Web Pro News on how professional SEO company's actually pay people to work full time leaving comments on blogs - Why SEO Disgusts Me.

Another piece of advice i gave in that post was to use the Name URL format when leaving a comment.This would mean when published your name beside your comment is a direct link to your blog.I would still recommend this were possible but unfortunately i have had to switch this option off on SUYB.The reason for switching it off is because this also opens up the comment as Anonymous option.Once again as SUYB has grown some fools have found it entertaining to leave whats best called rude comments.I'm sure you have seen the types that spend their sad lonely existence on places like YouTube commenting on every video just to say how 'F***ing S**t' it is.

I guess to sum up my opinion has changed over the last 19 months as far as my own blogs are concerned.Taking both these steps (i only turned off the Name URL and Anonymous comments last week) has seen a serious decline in spam.But if you are trying to entice comments maybe on a new blog do follow comments are something to consider.

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  1. I know comments in your blog were no follow for quite some time. I had installed a SeoQuake in Chrome which shows no follow link as strikethrough text. From this SEO tool I can see that your Alexa rank is 17516 now which is quite remarkable. Soemtimes back it was around 100k mark. Kudos to your effort you put in. Needless to say, your all articles are quite informative.

  2. I can fully understand your reasons behind this. And at least this way you get to see genuine comments rather than spam. As for those who leave senseless messages not even related to the article, I never understand those kind of people.

  3. Yeah, i do understand the reasons.. do follow or no follow, i stil be your follower, Bro.. :D

  4. Good advice ,will implement(that to intially drive traffic you make the comments do-follow)

    Just wanted to ask a offbeat question(dont think i am one of those paid comment-er you were talking abt in the post above)

    Is it possible to show the number of reactions received per post in the post header like we show the no. of comments,a post abt this subject would be very helpful,Thanks in advance

  5. I'm sorry to hear you had to do this!

    I just changed my main blog to a do-follow-blog about a week ago (taking your advice) and so far I haven't gotten any spam at all but I haven't told anyone about the change either. Perhaps your blog is more of interest -as it's in english- than my swedish tutorial blog...
    I'll keep checking in once a day and see what's happening, you give very good advice.

  6. Can you post how to convert "disqu" blogger commenting gadget in to do-follow.

  7. ..sir i wanted to know how to change the e-blogger orange logo & put my own logo to my blog

  8. Gauthu: You can visit a post in this blog named "How to add a favicon to your blog".It is very informative.You can easily do.I myself have done that.

  9. I hate the general perception of "nofollow", the entire link relationship is abused and has played a huge role in the amount of spam online and paid links.

    Links should be dofollow. Simple as that. All links, unless they are paid/advertisements. This is how it should be.

    But of course every blog owner is scared to allow dofollow blog comments or wants to make money out of the attribute by charging for dofollow links.

    Our new agency website will be launched in 2-3 weeks, and as it goes live, I will be scrapping our existing Disqus comment system, purely because it can't facilitate for dofollow commenting. Despite requesting this a year ago, still blog owners are forced to nofollow comments using their platform. And that's why I will be moving back to Wordpress comments.

  10. I agree with @FixaDinBlogspot.
    It actually violates your third method of gathering traffic on a blog...

  11. Thank you very much for this information and this blog! As a new blogger, I have stolen many, many little pieces of your knowledge to use in my endeavors =)!

  12. Thanks for this article. Very informative. I have 2 questions though:

    1. Is the Disqus Comment System dofollow or nofollow? Is there a way to change this from one to the other?
    2. Are blogrolls / link lists (specifically in Blogger) dofollow or nofollow? Is there a way to change this as well from one to the other?

    Appreciate your help in advance!

  13. Good Advice. And Nice Blog too. I really likes your Designs. :D

  14. no follow-genuine comment,less traffic..
    do follow-spam,more traffic..

    just got to choose between it..

  15. I have a plugin that makes people check that they are not a spammer. I occasionally get spam but only a few each week.

  16. As a blog at the three week mark, do you think it is wise to go ahead and make my page Do-Follow to build loyalty in my readers? Or should I back off of it now and leave my comments as No-Follow? Right now I am not getting great traffic everyday so I feel like this will help get hits at the least. Please let me know what you think.

    - Patrick Sutton

  17. I have been having a difficult time with finding relative Do-Follow sites. Any suggestions?

  18. I have in my other pages a plugin that makes people check that they are not a spammer. It´s great.

  19. Nice information, many thanks to the author. I agree with your thought.Thank you for your sharing. Great post! It’s very useful for me.

  20. Thanks for sharing your info. I really appreciate your efforts and I will be waiting for your further write ups thanks once again.

  21. i still confused...should i have to edit nofollow or dofollow for comments.
    because i am using mediafire for it.
    try to give me my answer..thanks

  22. I Agree Spam Comments can be a HeadAche. I have a Small blog but yet recieve around 10-15 spam comments eveyday!!

  23. Can you please explain what are spam comments are how can we identify which comment is spam and which is not a spam. In 2009 one of my blog has been deleted because of this spam.

  24. Can we use some kind of spam filter widgets to avoid links in comments? Thanks in advance and also for this article.


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