New Blogger Feature - Add A Favicon To Your Blog


One of the things that can give a blog more of an identity and a brand is a logo that people will come to associate with the blog.In the same way we become used to seeing the logo of a blog also used as the favicon.Favicons are an important part of how we see a blog and how we remember a blog.In a previous Blogger Tip i showed you how to add a favicon to blogs on Blogger but today Blogger have taken action and made it part of the options on your blogs design page.So from now on with just two clicks you can add a custom favicon to your blog.

favicon on blogger

What is a favicon ? A Favicon is the small image you see beside the address bar in your browser and depending on the browser you use it is also visible in the tab menu.If you look beside the address for this page at the top of your page you should see the same brush logo that is in the header.For more information here is a link to the wikipedia page on Favicons.

To see how to have a custom favicon on your blog check out the blogger in draft post here - Customize Your Favicon.

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  1. Wow
    it is now much easy to change favicon,
    thanks to share

  2. very nice blog,i like this blog

  3. Seems like it's not working om internet explorer...

  4. It didn't work with my blog ?!
    how can I fix this ?! any help is much appreciated - thank you in advance

  5. @ Azuma - This is a new feature i have not looked into too much yet, you can report it to the blogger help forum.Just search Google for the forum.

  6. but it doesn't allow icons larger than 10kb. my most of icons are larger than 10kb. what to do?

    1. Maybe use Photoshop or imageready software to optimize your image?

      p.s. i'm not sure this will work or not , wait another answer from others.

  7. Thanks Favicon have a really great job for my site... Now my site is easy to remember to all my readers and followers.... Thanks a lot...

  8. Favicon is really nice... it really help me to get traffic... Many guest blogging come in to my site... They always like my logo.. Fivacon... Thanks you've shared me a lot...Paul!!

  9. I always admired this blog post.. Because it really helps to all blogger for there new update of there blog.... Specially this new feature of favicon... This a great share to us a blogger...

  10. hi Paul,

    how to put "ADMIN" logo/image automatically appear just like yours?

  11. Putting a favicon in blog is very brilliant idea of a blogger... Blogger knows what is the important of favicon in our blog... Thanks Paul again you've shared me another idea of blogging...

  12. Even though I uploaded my Favicon it doesn't show up when I open up my blog..please help

  13. hi ..

    i made every step and saved image as ico and i saw my ico appearing in my dashboard or page elements but when i go to my browser it doesn't appear

    could someone help ?

  14. thanks dude. it really helps a lot.

  15. Dynamic drive favicon generator is very helpful to create favicon icons.


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