How And Why To Log Into Facebook As Your Fan Or Like Page Not Your Profile – Video Post

Facebook Like Fan Page ButtonIn this Video Post we look at a feature of Facebook some of you may not know, I didn’t know myself until recently.Most of you will have a Facebook Fan Page or Like Page for your Blog and If you have not you should create a fan page for your blog.Did you know you can log into Facebook as your Fan Page Or Like page (I keep saying both Fan and Like as Facebook are trying to have them referred to as like pages but many still know them as fan pages).Now the advantage of logging in as your Fan Page or Like Page is two fold, the notifications and other updates that are displayed are for the page not your profile and as you navigate your way around Facebook any comments or information you leave will also be left as your page not your profile.Confused Yet ? In the video i show exactly how it’s done and the advantages, it can even help you get more fans !

How To Log Into Facebook As Your Fan Page Video Tutorial


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  1. Tormented Angel8June 22, 2011 at 5:40 PM

    I had found out about this the hard way. It’s like having more than one facebook profile in one. I also found out that even if your logged into your regular profile, if you go to your fan/like page and comment on something, your comment will show up as your fan/like page instead of your profile.


  2. @ Tormented – When you comment on your own pages you will comment as that page by default.But when you comment on other profiles and pages you will comment as your profile unless you have switched to log in as a page.Wow everything i write on this subject looks confusing when i read it back 😀