How To Change The Blogger Lables Page Message

Posted : Thursday, April 07, 2011 | Post Author : Paul Crowe | 12 comments

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Back in January 2010 i wrote a post showing you how to Remove the labels message on Blogger, The message in question reads “Showing newest posts with label YOURLABEL. Show older posts”.Lots of people don’t like this message or see the purpose of it so decide to remove it.However there is another option, change it…So in this post i will show you how to change the message to whatever message you like.If you have a search box on your blog (Not The Google Search Box) the message will also be shown above the search results.

Here on Spice Up Your Blog i actually changed the message some time ago to read “Here Are The Awesome Posts We Have In That Category ! “.It’s more fun and personal which i always find refreshing.You could use the same message or have any text you like.

Demo And Screenshot

Below i have a screenshot of the message and you can see it on the label page for Gadgets here – Blogger Gadgets

Labels Page Message Blogger

If you have previously removed the Labels Page Message you can still add your own message as i will show you below.

Video Tutorial – I have a video showing the steps at the bottom of the post.

Change The Labels Page Message On Your Blog

Step 1. In your Blogger Dashboard Click > Design > Edit Html > Tick The Expand Widget Templates Box :

Design Edit Html Widget Templates

Step 2. Find the following piece of code in your blogs Html : (Click Ctrl and F for a search bar to help find the code – More Info)


If you previously removed the labels page message find this instead :

<div class=’status-msg-body’>

Step 3. Simply Replace <data:navMessage/> With The Message You Want To Appear.If you had removed the message previously and found the second code you can write your message Directly Below <div class=’status-msg-body’>.

Video Tutorial

And That’s It, Gone Is Showing Posts With Label instead Replaced With Your New Genius Message.If you changed the message Let Us Know What You Changed It To.

Drop Your Comments And Questions Below.


  1. I will try this Thanks!


  2. Thank YOU! This is awesome. I implemented it all ready on the blog. with a little tweaking I was able to get my message to fit in the box. I also added a few links too. perfect. thanks again for posting. i had written an email asking to hire you to do this very thing and now, many months later, viola! What a great gift! Thanks again.


  3. I have hundreds of labels in my blog, I would like to only display selective labels.Thanks


  4. @ Phone UK – In the labels gadget you will see the option to show all or show selected.Tick the show selected, that will make an edit button appear.Tick the edit button and choose the labels you want displayed.


  5. Nice And Superb Post Dude


  6. Thanks for Awesome Sharing..!!!


  7. I created a message but it doesn’t fit into the box. My message is more than a sentence but no more than a few – How can I enlarge my box so it fits the whole message? help!


  8. Thanks Paul,

    I really hated the original message. Now I have mt custom message and it was so simple.

    I was wondering how to change the background color of that message. I looked for that section but was unable to find it.

    If you can tell me where the code that controls the background color of that message is I could probably figure the rest out.

    Thanks again for all your help. 🙂


  9. Can we do like
    “here you are browsing ..”



  10. very nice …..thanks ..
    i have problem in labels,i have a label in blog named”ENGLISH QUOTES’,i want to post different quotes in one post on different time or when i want to add a new quotes in label..i see on many blogs where one label contain many post like English quote (12) ,please tell me how i do this,i search it a lot but i fail to solve my this problem.


  11. Great tutorials! Instead of static message how do I display only the label name?


  12. it was really helpful. Can we change the background of massage?