Survey Competition - Win A Cool Blogger Tee Shirt


win bloggerThe Blogger team are once again looking for your help to improve the Blogger Service.This time Blogger want you to take a quick survey (10-15 questions, Takes 3 Minutes) on Monetization options within Blogger and general making money from your blog.You don't need to be currently making money or trying to make money from your blog to take the survey.Everyone that takes the survey is entered into a draw with a 'Bunch' of blogger tee shirts for the winners.So why not take the survey, you will be helping Blogger which helps your blog and you could be proudly sporting a Blogger shirt.

blogger tee shirt

To take the survey and be entered in the draw follow this link - Blogger Monetization Survey.For more information check out the official Blogger Buzz Post.

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  1. nice already took the quiz


  2. Very pleasant survey. Although, a few questions I feel required a bit more than a brief consideration.

  3. Wait, this is original Google (blogger) t-shirt? Wow, would love to get one of those!

  4. I read this article, this article very informative and interesting..I refer your blog to many of my friends as well.
    Thanks for sharing knowledge..

  5. its great .. but its saying error can u help me .. pls

  6. I wonder if pages like these will stick around?


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