Interlinking Blog Posts For Better Search Engine Optimization

Posted : Friday, December 31, 2010 | Post Author : Paul Crowe | 8 comments

blogger posts links seoIn the last post i talked about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and more to the point the lack of SEO on many blogs.In this post we will look at how simply linking within your blog can have a very positive effect on how your blog performs in search.Once again we have to remember Google love links and like the little guy from Pac Man following the dots the Google bot crawls around following every link it finds.You will often hear people talk about the importance of links to your blog from other sites and in the same manner links within your blog have a positive effect.Another important factor in links to your blog is how those links are formatted.The anchor text of a link helps Google index the linked page.So when you write your posts you should be creating 2-3 links to pages from within your blog using relative anchor text.It’s very easy and  adds one minute to the time it takes to write a post.

Interlinking Your Blog Posts

Anchor Text – Anchor text is the text that makes up a link, the actual words people click on.On many blogs i see people create links with the text Click Here.You should however be using Keywords that describe the destination of the link.If for example i wanted to link to the last post i mentioned above called “Best SEO Tips And 150 Free Backlinks Every Day” i would create the link with text like this, Best SEO And Backlink Tips not Click Here.By adding keywords and describing the page linked to we help Google index that page.There is a bit more to it than that but you get the idea.You can just pick one or two words in a sentence and turn them into a relevant link, remember the goal is not to get people clicking these links but to get Google following them.

As well as linking to posts you can link to labels pages, this is something i regularly do on Spice Up Your Blog.If you have a second blog you can link to that blog within your post.Once you have links throughout your blog you are sending ‘Link Juice’ right through the heart of your Blogs archive !

Lets imagine Google crawl you latest post and follow a link to a previous post, on that post they follow a link back to another post, there they follow a link to a labels page, they follow the most recent post using that label and so on.Be careful and don’t stuff every post full of links as this can be seen as spam.

A Live Demo ? – Apart from the example link i created in the second paragraph  i have added 4 links to this post.Two links to labels pages and two links to posts, i didn’t change the post in any way to accommodate the links but just used the natural relevant key words.Check out more of our Blogger SEO posts.

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