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Posted : Friday, December 10, 2010 | Post Author : Paul Crowe | 5 comments

blogger feed optionsBlogger today added a very interesting new feature to the Rss Feed settings on all blogs.Since the Blogger team added the Read More Jump Break in September 2009 many blogs has used the option to display the latest posts as a summary on the home page with a read more link.Now you can also add a summary and read more link to your Blogs Rss Feed.Until now you could display a full or short version of your posts in your feed but you had no control over the size of the short feed.With this new setting you can choose to display exactly the same summary in the feed as on the home page with the read more link.

“…The challenge with feeds is that it’s never been possible to control exactly how much content is delivered. Up until now, the options have been “Short” and “Full”. Short produces a feed that contains around the first 400 characters of the post, with HTML and images removed. Full produces a feed that contains everything in the post, including HTML and images. But what about those instances where you want to give your users a taste—an image or two with some introductory text—and then have them visit your blog to see the full post? Well today we’ve launched a third option that lets you do just that using Jump Breaks…”

You can enable this feature via your blogs Feed Settings.

Read More Rss Feeds On Blogger

1. In your Blogger Dashboard Click > Settings > Site Feed > Allow Blog Feeds Drop Down.

read more rss feed
2. Choose ‘Until Jump Break’ and save.

Your Blogs Rss Feed will now only display a summary and any images used until the jump break.If your thinking “Paul Whats A Jump Break ?” you can get all the details here – Blogger Jump Break Read More.

A very interesting option and as far as i know Totally unique to Blogger, you can see the official post by Blogger here – Take Control of Your Site Feed.Check out more Of  The Latest Blogger News And Rss Feed Tips Here On Spice Up Your Blog.

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  1. Awesome new feature i love it !


  2. thanks a lot ,was looking for this for quite a long time


  3. Hello Paul it may affect the feed which is used in sitemap or not.Can you give idea

    Green Bajgain


  4. The thumbnail and readmore seems to be working, but when i look in to the code, it shows the complete post, may de i did something wrong, or is this how its supposed to work?

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  5. pls what of new blogger interface?