Use A Scrolling Blog Title And Message In Browser Tabs On Blogger

Blogger LED IconThis is a unique Blogger trick you might want to try on your blog.When someone is on your log the name of your blog appears in both the tab section and top of the users browser.In this post i will show you how you can make the title scroll and even add an extra message to scroll across the browser.To do this we add a small piece of code to your template with your blogs title and message.

Live Demo – See The Demo Here

Add Scrolling Effect On Your Blog

Step 1. In your blogger dashboard click > ‘Design’ > ‘Edit Html’

Step 2. Find the following piece of code in your blogs Html :
(It’s At The Very Top)


Step 3. Copy And Paste The Following Code Directly Before / Above <head>

<script type=’text/javascript’>
msg = “Name Of Blog Here – Message Here“;
msg = “ …..” + msg;pos = 0;
function scrollMSG() {
document.title = msg.substring(pos, msg.length) + msg.substring(0, pos); pos++;
if (pos > msg.length) pos = 0


Replace Name Of Blog Here – Message Here with your blogs title and your message.

You can also change the dots in blue with a different symbol, maybe try hearts or music symbols – List Of Symbols.

Once you have made the changes save your template and check it out.Be sure to check out more of our great Blogger Tips and Design Tips.


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