How To Add A Free Forum To Blogger Blogs


forumns for bloggerA forum is a great way to interact with the readers of your blog and let them connect with each other.In this post i will show you how easy it is to add a free forum to your blog using Nabble and Blogger Static Pages.Nabble allow you to create and customize our forum then provide you with a snippet of code, by adding the code to a static page you can have the the forum within your blog.OK so lets look at the steps to add a forum to your blogger blog.

Add A Forum To Blogger

1. Follow this link to Nabble.Com and click 'Start A Free Forum' in the right sidebar.

2. You will be brought to the registration page, add the required details.The Forum Name will Appear above your Forum and the description just below the name so pick something good.You will receive a confirmation Email with a link to finalize the registration process go to your inbox and click the link.

free forum

3. Once you click the Email link you will return to your forum within the Nabble Website.You can use the 'Options' link to edit your forum Name, Description appearance etc..

4. Now we will bring your forum into your blog.Click the Embedding Options in the top right corner of your forum page and copy the Javascript code.

5. Back in Blogger create a Static Page for your blog and paste your forum Javascript code into the post body while in Html mode.Name your static page and publish.

Note you can add the forum to a post but it will work better in a page.For more info on Pages Check out this post - Complete Guide To Static Pages.

That's it check out your cool new Forum ! Check out more of the Awesome Blogging Resources we have covered.Any Questions, Have you added a forum to your blog ?

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  2. But the problem with nabble is it will show ther ads in the free version, so you need to pay them monthly to remain ad free.


  3. Awesome! thanks...i had this forum on my blog: Yudistira's Personal Blog once ..but it got removed due to inactivity lol


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