How To Make A No Follow Link


Every link in your blog is not only seen by the readers but also by the search engines.When Google and other search engines crawl your blog they take note of each link and follow the link to it’s source.Of course as your blog grows their will be hundreds and eventually thousands of links scattered through the archives.Having search engine bots follow links is helpful in most cases.If in your current post you link to a post in your archive you are not only sending readers to that post but also search engines.However many links on your blog lead to a dead end like Log in pages, Download links or links to bookmark posts on Digg or Stumble Upon.

Did you know you can add a small attribute to links on your blog telling Google and other search engines to not follow a link ?

This can also be added to links to sites you may be telling readers to avoid, you don’t want to be sending search bots to these sites.The small attribute that we add to a link to tell Google not to follow it is called the ‘No Follow’ tag.

no follow links

How To Make Links No Follow

Below you can see the code used to make a regular hyperlink :

<a href=””>Spice Up Your Blog</a>
To make the link No Follow we simply add rel=”nofollow” as shown below :

<a rel=”nofollow” href=””>Spice Up Your Blog</a>
It’s that easy and the nofollow attribute can be added to links anywhere on your blog.

Note : While the nofollow attribute is useful and lets you be selective in who you give ‘Link Juice’ to don’t over use it or start adding it to all outward links.

Did you know about no follow or have you used it before ?


  1. Great tip 🙂


  2. I’m not understanding the point of making a No Follow link. If you don’t want readers or search engines to follow the link, why bother creating the link to begin with?


  3. @ Alison – It all has to do with the flow of page rank.Every page on your blog has some level of page rank, some will have more than others.Google follows every link they find on your pages and this helps the linked to page.So if you take the example of our templates site, i have maybe 300 links throughout the site that are directly to zip files.Basically when you click the link you open up a download window.What is the point of Google following that link ? It’s hard to explain in a comment and is actually a good idea to cover in a post so i may publish something on it over the weekend, keep a look out for it.


  4. Paul, thanks for the quick reply!

    I guess I didn’t think of it that way. I don’t have any download windows, etc. on my blog yet. I’m just not there yet. So am I correct in my understanding that the no follow option is not for the readers, but for Google?


  5. @ Alison – Exactly you are telling search crawlers not to follow the link and of course people can click them.


  6. Thanks, that makes better sense (to me)! I’m still new to all of this stuff and it takes me a while to understand! haha! Thanks for clearing that up!


  7. Satish Raj PathakJune 20, 2011 at 3:31 PM

    How to create no follow link for my archives! I guess my archives also get crawled and creating duplicate page along with original one for robot text and search engine: Google search result for specific keywords show two links one of them is for archievs. Can removing archives from side panels will solve the issue.


  8. I had a difficulty in putting no-follow attribute on one of the links in my post. Glad I found this resource. Thanks much.



  9. A real important use of the nofollow tag is in making sure to put it within your affiliate ads and banner links, all of them. Google now penalizes sites that give authority to affiliates by not implementing the nofollow tags after years of building up their PR with the affiliate links scattered around the web.

    I add nofollow links to every single url seen within any of my affiliate banners and links as even one banner can carry between 1-4 links in it for image sources and landing pages.


  10. Great post, got benefitted. Thanks you very much.


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  12. I use the nofollow link, but it seems like it creates an injustice for the reader, because when they click on it they don’t get to the site I am telling them all about. Am I using it wrong or is that the purpose?





  13. I doesn’t matter if it’s a dofollow or nofollow link. The website linked to is always the same. Can you tell me which link it is? Maybe it is a redirect. But this has nothing to do with dofollow or nofollow.