New Official Blogger Stats And Popular Posts Gadgets

Posted : Wednesday, September 01, 2010 |  Post Author : Paul Crowe | 1 comments

In this post I’m excited to bring you the news of two Great new official gadgets just released by Blogger.Recently i wrote a post telling you of the great new stats the Blogger team had added to Blogger In Draft.Since then these stats have been added to the main Blogger site and can be accessed via you Dashboard.If you missed my post covering Blogger Stats you can find it here – Blogger Stats.

The two new gadgets were made possible by the introduction of Stats, as they use your blogs stats to display the information.So what are the new Blogger gadgets and how can they be added to your blog ? Lets take a look..

Blogger Popular Posts Gadget

First up is a popular posts gadget.One of the stats you can see for your blog is the posts getting the most hits and now blogger use this information to display the most popular posts to your readers.You can have the popular posts displayed with or without a thumbnail.Also you can display the most popular posts from the last 7 days, last 30 days or the all time popular posts.

Blogger Stats Gadget

The stats gadget simply displays the total page views to your readers.There are a number of designs available including an animated display.

How To Add The New Blogger Gadgets To Your Blog

These gadgets are only available via Blogger in draft at the moment, follow this link and log in as usual – Blogger In Draft.Once logged in you will be pleased to know the new Blogger gadgets have been added to the Gadget Gallery so you can use them on your blog in just a few clicks.

1. In your dashboard click ‘Design’ > ‘Add A Gadget’ > in the pop up window you will see both gadgets.Just click the Blue Plus icon beside the gadget you want and your done, See the image below


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Note : The stats are not from the day your blog was created but from the time Stats were added to Blogger.

What do you think, have you added the new gadgets to your blog ?


  1. Hi again!

    As usual, u have very helpful posts. (u must be tired of hearing this)

    I’ve added this popular post gadget to my blog but it only shows the image for the first post then the rest are just text(titles).

    How do i make it indicate thumbnails like the one on the right panel of your site?

    Thanx in advance. (Please don’t ban me for my incessant questions 😉