How To Copy And Use The Favicon From Any Site

Posted : Monday, July 12, 2010  | Post Author : Paul Crowe | 7 comments

One of the subjects i have not covered on Spice Up Your Blog is Favicons.A Favicon (Favorite Icon) is the small image that appears at the top of the browser and in the address bar when on any website or blog (See Example Image Below).The main reason i haven’t posted about Favicons is because there are hundreds of posts already showing how to add Favicons to your blog.However although there are posts showing how to create a favicon for your blog wouldn’t it be much easier to just get a cool Favicon someone already created ?.Those of you who have experience with favicons have probably landed on a site and thought ‘That Favicon Would Look Cool On My Blog’.

Example – Below you can see the current favicon on Spice Up Your Blog

Note – I have since changed to this favicon :

Having recently created a Guitar Chords Blog i hadn’t yet got the chance to create a Favicon for it, then i landed on a guitar site with a cool Favicon that would really suit my new blog….So i took it.Although there are no set rules against you using a Favicon from another site i still think you need to keep a few things in mind.Firstly you don’t want to use a Favicon from a very popular site as most people will be familiar with it and it will look very unprofessional.Secondly you don’t want to use a favicon from a rival blog, if your blog is about cookery don’t copy the Favicon from another similar cookery blog.The Favicon i used was from a Static Website (A website that does not add fresh content).Once you stick to these suggestions you should be fine.

So in this post i will show you how to get the Favicon from any Blog or Website And use it on your site.If you don’t yet know how to add a Favicon to your blog don’t worry i will also show you how that’s done.

How To Get The Favicon Image From Any WebSite Or Blog

So once you have seen a cool favicon here is how to get the image code, remember for a favicon to work the image must be .ico format (If you don’t understand what that means don’t worry).

1. Copy The URL from the site that has the Favicon, Example :

2. Follow this link to

3. Enter the URL of the site in the bar at the top of the GetFavicon website and click Get Favicon.

4. You will now be shown the favicon and the image URL (See Image Below)

5. Right Click on the favicon image URL and copy the link location, you can now add the image URL to your template as i will explain below.(As you can see in the image you are told to save the link but just copy link location)


Adding The Favicon To Your Blog

We now want to add the favicon to your blog, there are a number of ways to do this but i think i have the easiest way.Remember this method will also work for a favicon you create yourself.

1. In your dashboard click ‘Layout/Design’ > ‘Edit Html’

2. Find The following piece of code in your blogs Html
(It’s easy to find at the very top just a few lines down)


3. Paste the following code directly below <head>

<link href=’FAVICON IMAGE URL GOES HERE’ rel=’shortcut icon’/>

4. Add the Favicon Image URL to the code in the position shown in red above.

Example – <link href=’’ rel=’shortcut icon’/>

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Once you have the code added to your template with your Favicon image URL in place save your template and check out your blogs new look !

What do you think have you seen a cool favicon you want to use on your blog ?

Let us know if you add a favicon to your blog…


  1. Hi,Paul! I’ve done this favicon thing just like u said,but i can see it only in the bookmarks or on the mainpage of google chrome.Why can’t i see it near my URL,on my blog’s pages.I hope u can help me cause i love my favicon.Tyvm !


  2. Can u please answer to my question? I’ve wrote it above.Than u!


  3. @ Ana – All the major browsers work differently.The code i gave you here will work in both positions in Firefox, The Tab in Chrome and depending in what mood IE is in it may work in both positions or one.I’m afraid that’s just the way it is.I have some amazing tutorials i could share on this blog but the Css wont work on one of the browsers so i have to scrap it.



  4. I use Firefox and sometimes Explorer…I can see the favicon only in the bookmarks in Firefox. Now i understood… And if i create a favicon with one of those sites? It’s the same thing? I’ll see it like now? Thank u for answering. I wish you a wonderful day!


  5. not sure what i’m doing wrong, but this didn’t work on my blog & neither did the ‘floating back to top’ button…

    is there a tutorial here on how to add the different colored letters for ‘comment’ like you have on this page? if so, i can’t seem to find it…


  6. Thank you so much! It was so easy to do. I love it!!!



  7. Paul, dis all u suggest, the fav icon will not show in chrome…grrrrr! What am i doing wrong or is it chrome?