Over 30 Awesome Google Gadgets For Your Blog


Almost every blog we visit uses the Followers gadget allowing visitors to Follow or Join the blog.However did you know the Followers gadget is actually just one of over 30 different gadgets available from Google Friend Connect ? Yep although the Followers gadget is the most popular from the Friend Connect directory there are some really useful gadgets such as Popular Posts, Featured Content, Top Ten Visitors, Newsletter and much more.Before we see how you can add any of these gadgets to your blog lets look at ten of the best.

Ten Google Friend Connect Gadgets

1. Social Bar – The social bar is a toolbar which can be added to the top or bottom of your blog and offers users options to join your blog, share, comment and more.

2. Comments Gadget – Users can add a comment or link.

3. Ratings And Reviews Gadget – Let people review and rate your posts or entire blog.

3. Interests Poll Gadget – The interests poll gadget can really help your blog.By asking visitors to take a quick poll Google can use the information to help target AdSense ads and add content to the Featured gadget.

4. Featured Content Gadget – The featured content gadget displays a list of posts based on the interests of your Followers.

5. Newsletter Subscription Gadget – Get visitors to subscribe to a newsletter.You can writen a weekly or monthly newsletter to all subscribers.

6. iPhone Members Gadget – This cool gadget is similar to the Followers gadget but is in the style of the iPhone.Visitors can scroll through information just like they would on an iPhone screen.

7. Recent Visitors Gadget – This gadget as the name suggests displays thumbnails of the followers who were recently on your blog.

8. Top Ten Members – Say thanks to the Followers who visit your blog the most.This gadget will display a list of Followers based on the numbers of times they visit.

9. Followers Cloud – This cool gadget displays the names of your followers in a cloud form similar to the label cloud.

10. Get Answers Gadget – This gadget is similar to a chat box and allows visitors to ask and answer questions.


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You can get all these gadgets and much more by visiting the Google friend connect website – Google Friend Connect.Once on the Friend Connect website choose the blog you want to add gadgets to or add your blog if it’s not already there.You can then browse through all the gadgets and click the ‘Get This Gadget’ link below the gadget you want.

To add the gadget to your blog add the code they provide as a Html/Javascript gadget.




  1. Online Paralegal DegreeJanuary 11, 2011 at 7:06 AM

    Google gadgets are really important for blogs and they are helpful in increasing the traffic. Thanks for sharing some more important gadgets here.


  2. Nice post. I use blogger myself and would like to ad some of the featured gadget on my blog. Nice info.


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    i want Fallow Gadget in my blog


  4. I love the follower gadget, I own a blogger blog as you can see. I find many I want to follow but that don’t have it installed. Is there any way to follow a blog that does not have the follow button?





  5. Are You kidding??? ;p how it is possible.



  7. great share but can you give me link from where we can get this gadgets ???


  8. please provide links for the gadgets


  9. now is closed but where I send now a newsletter from friend connect? For blogger user it’s dont close but where is the link?