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Posted : Thursday, May 13, 2010  | Post Author : Paul Crowe | 1 comments

Yesterday i removed a sidebar gadget from this blog accidentally, a little silly but it can happen.I’m sure a lot of bloggers have had that “Oh No” moment when they mistakenly removed something.I no longer had the code for the gadget yet within a few minutes i had the gadget back in place.

How ?

The way i managed to get the code back for the gadget was using “Google Cached Pages”.

Every time Google crawl your blog they store a version of your blog at the time they visited.This is true for every individual post on your blog also and you can see your blog on the date they last crawled very easily.The version Google provide of your blog when they visited is called “Cached” and i simply went to the cached page were the gadget was still in place, viewed the source, grabbed the code and added it again.

In this post i will show you how to view cached web pages and how to view the code that makes up any page on the web.

How To See Cached Pages

Presuming your blog is not brand new and Google have crawled and indexed it you should be able to access a cached version.

Lets look at the example of this blog – if you search Google for “Spice Up Your Blog” (Click Here To See The Google Results) you will get this :

Below the results circled in red you can see the cached option :

When you go to the cached page you will see a information header stating when the page was captured :

For more information on cached pages use this link to go to Google explanation : Catched pages

How Often Will Your Blog Be Cached

Because Spice Up Your Blog is well established it is crawled very often by Google the cached version is updated most days, You may find your blogs cached version is updated weekly, either way its good to know the option is there and it may come in very useful as it did for me yesterday.

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How to get code from a cached page

As i said above i managed to retrieve the code for a gadget from the cached page so how do we get code from a web page ? This is a little difficult to follow for a beginner but you can get the hang of it.

You can in fact get the code that makes up Any page on the Internet.Once on a web page click the ‘View’ button at the top of your browser and then click ‘View Source’ (May differ depending on your browser).You will then be presented with a document containing the code that makes up that page :

You can use ‘Ctrl and F’ for a search bar to find the exact code you are looking for in the document.

You may not need to get a cached version of your blog or any web page today, you probably wont need to see the source of a web page at the moment but I’m certain this information will come in very useful in the future.

If you have any additional questions or have something to add just leave a comment and i will do my best to help !


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