What Other Ads Can Be Used With AdSense On Your Blog

For bloggers AdSense is the main option when it comes to making money from blogs.In fact AdSense is the only option when it comes to target advertising on your blog.There are two reasons behind this, first under the AdSense terms and conditions (T.O.S.) you may only use one target advertising service on your blog or website.By target advertising what is meant is an Advertiser like AdSense that crawl your blogs content and deliver Ads based on the content of each page.The second reason AdSense is the only option for target advertising is the competition is at best poor.You can only use one so the smart money is on AdSense and not a competitor like Bidvertiser.

Online Advertising Options

Note : Their are some affiliate links in this post for Infobarrel and Chitika.

I go in to this in more dept in a recent article i wrote for InfoBarrel that you may also want to check out for ways to make more money from AdSense that are within the T.O.S. – 12 Ways To Make More From AdSense without getting banned.In fact Joining Inforbarrels AdSense sharing scheme will also help increase your AdSense earnings, you can get all the info on joining here – Make Money From Info Barrel.

Getting back to the subject, we know we cant use two advertisers that use content to target ads at your readers so what advertising can you use ? Lets first look at a few options and then i will tell you what in my opinion is the best option.

Types Of Ads That Can Be Used With AdSense

Directly Selling Advertising On Your Blog – You can sell ad space on your blog, you can sell the ad space directly or use an outside agency to sell the advertising for you.The outside agency like Buy sell ads provide you with “Advertise Here” banners and when people click they buy that space from the agency.The agency is a middleman and takes a cut for it’s services.The problem with selling ad space or more to the point getting people to buy the ad space is you need traffic and lots of it.If your blog is not getting a few thousand page views a day its likely to be a waste of time as you wont find buyers.

Affiliate Advertising On Your Blog – Affiliate advertising works in a similar way to selling ad space, you place banner ads on your blog for other websites.The big difference is when you sell ad space you are paid Weekly/Monthly or for impressions with affiliate marketing you get paid when someone clicks and ad on your blog and buys a product or spends money on the advertisers website.You will get paid a commission and the commissions vary for each advertiser.

Some of the options for affiliate advertising include the popular Amazon which can be added automatically for Blogger users.Google have their affiliate branch (Of course) the Google option is the Google affiliate network and this can be connected with your AdSense account.In fact their is no shortage of affiliate marketplaces such as Clickbank and Commission Junction to name a few.

Search Targeted Advertising – While i do display affiliate ads from both clickbank and the Google affiliate network the advertiser i make most from after AdSense is Chitika.Chitika ads work on a Pay Per Click system like AdSense but because they target the ads in a different way you can use them along with AdSense.

How Chitika Ads Work – While AdSense crawl your blog and base the ads on the keywords and phrases used Chitika ads are based fully on search traffic.Once you Sign Up For Chitika and add the code to your blog ads are only displayed to search traffic.So if someone finds this blog by searching Google for Blogger Tips they will be shown ads based on Blogger tips, if someone comes to this blog in any other way Chitika ads will not be displayed (You have the option to use filler ads).

I have Chitika ads in the sidebar of this blog right now – If you came here via a search engine you will see them, if you came directly or via any other link or feed they are not visible.

There is a bit more into the workings of Chitika ads that you can find out on their website or help pages.I would defiantly recommend checking it out and you can get all the extra information and sign up options here : Chitika Ad Network.

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With any advertiser including AdSense traffic equals cash plain and simple.But you don’t need to be getting monster amounts of traffic, a steady flow of a few hundred page views a day may help pay for your family holiday.

Have You Had Success With Chitika Or Any Of The Mentioned Advertisers Mentioned ?

What advertising if any do you use on your blog ?



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