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Top 6 Habits of Professional Writers and Bloggers

Habits of Professional Bloggers

After being a professional writer for some time, you start to develop certain productive habits. These habits make the difference between writing deliberately and dabbling in a hobby.

When you make a conscious decision to start taking your craft seriously, you’ll experience an incredible difference. You will not only become a better and more prolific writer, but you’ll start actually finishing projects, which is probably one of the biggest challenges writers face.

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How to Use Google+ Communities to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog

Use the Power of Google+ Communities

Guest Post – Our host is Matt Carter. Matt uses his experience as an Internet Marketer to show us How to Use Google+ Communities to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog. See How to Become a guest author on Spice Up Your Blog.

If you write for a blog regularly, chances are you’ve spent quite a bit of time figuring out how to send your posts out so they’re read by lots of different people.

You’ve probably spent a lot of time using social media as a means to spread your content out, but if you’re focusing solely on Facebook and Twitter, you might be forgetting an important place to find more blog readers: Google+.

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The Purpose of Comments on Blogs (and How to Use them)


The Purpose of Commenting on Blogs
Comments play a big role in blogging. If everybody, I mean bloggers and readers, used the comment section optimally, its functionality would provide us all a wealth of value.

An optimal blog post would consist of a high quality article by the blogger followed by a discussion that goes deeper into the topic. We could also say that the original blog post should be a good discussion starter, as the post will never cover a topic to the whole. It always leaves room for interesting comments.

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The Truth about ‘Sharing is Caring’ in Blogging


'Sharing is Caring' in Blogging
More and more blogs use this Social Widget with the ‘Sharing is Caring’ gadget as a call-to-action to get their posts shared. But when do you share content? What do you share, and why?

Do you share a post just because you see some sexy buttons with the text ‘Sharing is Caring’? Bloggers try hard to get their posts shared. I must admit that it may even increase the chance of getting a share.

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5 Ridiculous Blogging Advices You *Must* Ignore

5 Ridiculous Blogging Advices to Ignore

Guest Post – Our host is Amy Brown, Amy uses her personal experience to list 5 Ridiculous Blogging Advices You *Must* Ignore. See How to Become a guest author on Spice Up Your Blog.

The blogging realm is full of ‘gurus’: some are bonafide experts, others are simply overrated, and then, there is the third kind – the downright wannabes!

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How (and Why) to No-Index Archive Pages in Blogger

Don't Bore Google - No-Index Archive Pages in Blogger

When I checked how many webpages from SpiceUpYourBlog.com were indexed in Google, I was a bit surprised.

We have 741 Blog Posts published so far and I noticed that 2150 webpages were indexed in Google – see screenshot below.

Number of Webpages Indexed in Google

Tip: To see how many of your webpages are indexed in Google, simply type “site:www.yourdomain.com” in Google.

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