How To Split Your Blogger Blogs Header For AdSense Or Other Ad Units

The header section of a blog is one of the prime areas for AdSense and other ads so in this post i will show you an easy tip to place ads in your blogger header section.This will help increase your earnings and hopefully help make you more money from your blog.

This image from Google displays the top positions for ads.

There are a number of ways to place AdSense ads in your header and i will cover other options in later posts.

In this post i will show you a nice clean and simple way to achieve this trick.

The ads will be placed differently to how i have them in my header to see a live demo of the ads in a header section click here

Here is how its done lets spice up your blog :

Getting your ad code ready.

Before you add AdSense code to your blog it must be parsed don’t worry this is simple.

The first thing to do is go to your AdSense account choose the ad unit you want to use and get the code.

You now have the code copied Click Here to go to my AdSense parser .
Paste your AdSense code in to the gadget and click ‘convert’ now copy your new parsed code.

If the add you are adding is a simple html banner ad you don’t need to parse it you can skip that step.
Placing the code in your template.

Remember you can get all these tips sent directly to your email and stay a step ahead.Its quick easy and of course a free service provided by Google just fill in the form below the post.

1.Click ‘layout’-> ‘Edit html’ for your blog.
(Tick The ‘Expand Widget Templates’ Box)

Blogger layout


edit html blogger


Expand widget templates blogger

2.Find the following piece of code in your blogs html:
(Click ‘Ctrl F’ for a search box to find the code)

<p class='description'><span><data:description/></span></p>

3.Paste the code for your AdSense unit directly Below the code above.


<div class='descriptionwrapper'>
<p class='description'><span><data:description/></span></p>



Once you have added the code click save.

The ad has now been added to your blogs header,Remember it can take up to 10 minutes for AdSense ads to show on your blog.


  1. Thanks for the tips. I always wonder how to do that 😉


  2. Hi i have used the blogger tube and wondering where can i put the adsense unit on it, please do help me thanks.


  3. Hi Aldrix,

    I took a look at your blog and quiet like the idea of a blog containing YouTube movie trailers.

    First i have another piece of advice if thats ok, You have the video trailer in each post and no text or very little text to go with it.

    This will make it very hard for your blog to get indexed by search engines, as they will crawl your blog and apart from the post titles they only find video code.

    There is a lot you could do, if you dont mind i would like to write a post on the subject using your blog as an example, you will get a lot of tips and a few links and some traffic to your blog.I will also cover the adsense issues when using Videos – Let me know what you think.



  4. Great. But what about if i had changed my blog descriptom manually? Can i placed this code after the description meta??


  5. Hi T R,

    When you add a meta discription to your blog it does not appear below your header, the ‘Blog Discription’ you choose in the ‘Settings’ or by editing your ‘header’ gadget on the layout page is displayed below the blog title.Your AdSense unit will be displayed below that discription.

    So once you add a meta discription(and you should) that is the discription picked up by search engines and the ‘Blog Discription’ is the discription displayed in your header.

    In Short it will be below the discription 😀



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    Where I Should Put Adsense


  7. Manuel Garcia PHJuly 24, 2011 at 4:24 AM

    Hello your blog spiceupyourblog and your demo blog have the same alexa rank.. how to do that ? is it possible to connect one blog to other ?


  8. @ Manuel – That demo blog uses a sub domain – – so it is seen as part of the main site by Alexa, just like it’s another page.So you can connect two differant domains but sub domains will have the same Alexa rank.


  9. Thanks for the tips. But how do I centre the ads?


  10. tks for sharing this nice tips


  11. I want to dispaly ads on side of my title please help, also if we could just get add element thing than we don’t need to copy code and we can directly add from blogger.


  12. Top and Bottom ads placement are very good for Adsense.


  13. Tnx for tips, helped me a lot