Make A Recent Posts For Your Blog Via FeedBurner


Feedburner Logo 3DIn this post i will show you how to make an Easy Stylish Recent Posts widget using Feedburner.This widget can be created in a few clicks and can be styled to your taste.

All you need is a feedburner feed,Creating a Feedburner feed for your blog is a must if you don't have one click here to see how to get one.

Feedburner even offer a one click button to add the widget to your Blogger or Typepad blog so you don't have to copy any code.

Here's an Example of the widget using my feed :

You can also edit : Number of posts to display, Author name, Lenght of description, Date, Feed link and more.

Get Your Recent Posts Gadget
1.Log into your Feedburner account and select your blog feed.

2.Click 'Publicize' in the top menu.

3.Click 'Buzz Boost' in the side menu

4.Edit the look of your widget - Number of posts, Title etc...

5.Now use the one click option to add widget to your blog OR Copy the widget code available.

Job done.

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  1. hi.. i want to add feedburner widget on this site: but I am unable to do this due to its width... can i reduce the width of feedburner widget...


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