How to make all links in your blog open in a new Window Or Tab


In this post i will show you how to make all links in your blog open in a new window when clicked.This will make sure to keep visitors to your blog On your blog.

The Steps

Heres how its done :

1.Click 'Layout'-->'Edit html' for your blog

2.Find the following piece of code in your blogs html :
(Its at the very top)


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OK Back to business....

3.Put this code Directly Below<head>

<base target='_blank'/>

4.Click save your done all click on your blog will open in a new window.

If you have any questions drop a comment below.

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  1. thank you,your tips are very helpfull

  2. This will be a bit problematic if the internet connection is weak.

  3. How can I dis connect it, I added this code , now I want to stop to open links in new window, as it opens all tabs of my blog, like home etc, also in new window, I want that only few links open in new window not links of my own blog like home etc, in new window , help me

  4. yehhhhhhhaawwwwwwww,thanks man

  5. Another great simple tip~ Thx! Worked for me.

    1. A piece of cake to apply, yet an effective feature. Thanks!


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