How to add a ‘TweetThis’ Twitter button to your blog posts

Add tweet this button to blogTwitter is a great way to keep people up to date with your latest blog updates.Having a ‘Tweet This’ button below your posts allowes your blog readers to share your blog with their Twitter friends getting even more visitors to your blog.

Update : The TweetThis button has been replaced by the official Twitter button.See How to add the official twitter button to your blog here.





  1. hmm…… Hey paul ! Again I don’t find p data:post.body//p ! I have p data:blogCommentMessage//p what to do ? Thank you ! Great post !


  2. Hi Karthick,

    I have changed the code in the post, the data:post.body code used to always have paragraph tags beside it but a lot of custom templates dont use them now.

    Thats why you couldnt find it, so take a look again you should have success – remember to tick the ‘Expand wiget templates’ box.